Joel McHale & Ken Jeong Tear America Apart Over Mixed Nuts In Planter’s Super Bowl Commercial

'Community' fans rejoice! Ken Jeong and Joel McHale reunited for Planter's Super Bowl commercial, where the former costars bickered like old times over the topic of mixed nuts.

Devotees of the hit TV show Community will be greeted with some familiar faces (and attitudes) in a new Super Bowl commercial starring Ken Jeong, 52, and Joel McHale, 50. The two actors, who starred on the NBC fan-favorite as unlikely classmates at a community college, bicker just like they’re back in class in the silly new ad, where Ken and Joel argue for different approaches to enjoying a snack of Planter’s Mixed Nuts.

joel mchale ken jeong
Ken Jeong and Joel McHale had a ‘Community’ reunion in a new Planter’s Super Bowl commercial. (Planters)

In the commercial, Ken and Joel run into each other onset while the two both happen to be enjoying mixed nuts as a snack. It’s here they find themselves at an impasse: Joel insists on eating handfuls of nuts at once, while a disgusted Ken stands behind his method of eating one nut at a time. Ultimately, they find themselves yelling “all” and “one” at each other, with no sign of reaching an agreement. The ad concludes with Planters asking watchers: How do you eat them?

Fans of Ken and Joel’s hysterical sparring dynamic as Ben and Jeff on Community are sure to have a field day with the ad, and the duo’s witty disses make for an entertaining watch even for the most casual fan. The comedic duo kept the insults running just like old times, as each defended their methods of “all” versus “one.”

joel mchale ken jeong
Joel McHale and Ken Jeong traded insults like old times in the new commercial, where they argued over how to eat mixed nuts. (Planters)

Ken and Joel’s reunion is even more satisfying given that the two have each pursued their own endeavors since Community went off the air in 2015. Though the duo hosted a New Years’ Eve special together in 2020, Ken has been busy as a judge on The Masked Singer where he reportedly walked out ‘in protest’ alongside fellow judge Robin Thicke after disgraced New York mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was unmasked as a contestant. Though the minute-long ad is a short reward for fans who’ve been waiting for more Ken and Joel content, Joel shared in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife that a Community movie is in the works; they “just need the money.”

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