Travis Barker Looks Unrecognizable With Grey Wig & Glasses In MGK’s Music Video

The Blink-182 drummer sports a totally different look while starring as a field trip guide in MGK and Willow's new 'Emo Girl' music video. 

What BFFs will do for each other! Travis Barker got totally dressed up in a hilarious costume to go incognito for his buddy Machine Gun Kelly’s new music video. The Blink-182 rock star, 46, plays a group guide on a school field trip in the “Emo Girl” clip, which features the singing talents of Willow Smith, who nails it as a collaborator on the punk pop song. Donning a grey wig, oversized nerdy glasses, a turtleneck and sweater vest, Travis looked every inch the dorky adult leading the kids on a trip through a museum.

Travis Barker
Travis Barker appeared unrecognizable in Machine Gun Kelly’s new music video for ‘Emo Girl.’ (YouTube)

The students are soon left astonished as MGK and Willow perform a dazzling version of the catchy tune about the alternative-style object of their affection. The two lead singers inspire the kids to transform into their own version of “emo rockers” and by the end of the video, helmed by famed director Drew Kirsh, Travis is also back to his usual punk/emo self: tattoos, piercings, shaved head and all!

As for MGK, he was looking like the living avatar of the emo revival in a selection from KILLSTAR, one of the premiere alternative/underground fashion brands. MGK’s black and white sweater, similar to the look he proposed to Megan Fox in, was the Classic emo “Pugsley Knit Sweater [B].” Throughout the video, KILLSTAR can be spotted, in the Chrissie Long Sleeve Top, Pastel Pink Pentagram Hoop Earrings, and Anti Establishment Cuffs. While Travis’s “emo girl” character looks like he shops for fashion at the lamest secondhand store in suburbia, MGK’s “emo girl” character clearly hit up KILLSTAR.

“Emo Girl” is the lead single off MGK’s upcoming album, Mainstream Sellout, which is due out March 25. Interestingly, the album, which Travis helped produce, was originally slated to be called Born with Horns, a phrase both MGK and Travis got inked on their bodies, as they revealed on their Instagram accounts back in August. However, MGK hilariously broke the news to Travis during a TikTok video months later that he decided to change the album title to Mainstream Sellout, even though they now have the tattoo of the original title on their forearms. Fortunately, Travis laughed the whole thing off!

The two rock stars have become fast friends, as evident in the history of double dates with their fiancées Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox. The couples have been spotted out together numerous times, most notably after the VMAS in September and for the UFC 260 back in March. Following the UFC event, a source told HollywoodLife that Kourtney and Travis love spending quality time with MGK and Megan. “They do dinners at home or hang out in the studio all together. It’s cute because they’re both in such happy relationships. so it’s very lovey dovey,” the source said. A second insider added, “They all have the same interests and love living life. They are legitimately all friends with each other.”

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