Ireland Baldwin Hits Back At Dad Alec’s ‘Thoughtless Little Pig’ Insult 15 Years Later

The model said she doesn't care if people call her a 'thoughtless little pig' because she's done 'worrying' what others think about her.

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Ireland Baldwin
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Ireland Baldwin isn’t bothered by public scrutiny anymore! The 26-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger took to her Instagram on Wednesday (February 9) to put her own spin on the “That’s Not My Name” craze on social media, where famous actors share the different names of characters they’ve played to the tune of the Ting Tings’ 2008 song of the same name. Ireland’s take on the trend had her revealing the insults she’s dealt with in the past, including the phrase “thoughtless little pig,” which her father called her in an infamous voicemail leaked in April 2007 when Ireland was only 11 years old.

The post (above) featured Ireland posing in a TikTok video as text scrolling across the screen read, “My name is Ireland … but the media likes to call me.. fat, thoughtless little pig, attention seeking, voluptuous, promiscuous, well-off, silver spoon fed brat w/ no real job.” The short video ended with Ireland taking back her power and writing, “My name is Ireland. I’m a writer. And I think pigs are cute so jokes on you.”

In the caption for the Instagram share, the model wrote, “I can’t even tell you how much time I’ve wasted worrying about headlines and comments. Can you believe how much control we give others and how much power we give their narratives.” Ireland went on to say that she now avoids reading the negative commentary and is focusing on her new career move. “I know that my decision to work in the entertainment industry will of course bring on the constant comparison to the achievements of both my parents, and I continue to embrace the parts of myself that are indeed like them,” she wrote. “But I am very excited to show you the individual that I am and the person I’ve grown to [be] very proud of.”

Ireland has previously spoken out about her father’s “pig” insult, which came during his bitter divorce with Kim. During the actor’s roast for One Night Only in 2017, Ireland decided to change the narrative and make a joke out of the cringe-worthy situation. “I’m here to roast this big old ham I call my father,” she began. “Speaking of pigs, some of you may remember me as that ‘thoughtless little pig’ you read about. That was a decade ago, and my dad and I are in a much better place now. He would never say something like that. Because I’m 6’2″ and I would kick his ass.”