Madonna Rocks Low-Cut Black Corset Top While Studying Lines In The Bathroom — Photos

The Material Girl's been ramping up her socials more than ever as of late, and in her newest snap, fans are welcomed into a sacred part of her home -- the bathroom.

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Image Credit: Richard Young/Shutterstock

Madonna, 63, is not throwing in the towel with her risqué looks anytime soon. The shock queen, eternally known for her provocative photo shoots and wardrobe choices, gave fans a double whammy in a February 1 Instagram post with a sneak pic of the script from her upcoming flick, along with her sexy wardrobe du jour. The singer, 63, has been sharing snippets here and there on her socials about the biopic she’s been working on about her life, which she teased in true Madonna fashion: in a corset on the toilet.

The series of bathroom photos starts out with Madge straightening her hair in front of a vanity mirror, her shoulders bare, wearing an array of colorful necklaces. Her look evolves throughout the scroll as she adds some more accessories, red leather gloves with the fingers cut out and a long black, loungey coat draped over. “I do my best work in the bathroom,” she captioned her pics —  and she may not be kidding! She does make it look quite luxurious. As much as (most) fans worship her creative images, they were a bit more excited to see the film script in her hand.

In a close-up shot of a page off the script, the text reads, “My name is Madonna,” and a journalist replies, “Of course. (clearing her throat) So, you were born in Bay City, Michigan? Did you ever imagine, in a thousand years that you would–,” the text cuts off. Hm, rule the world? Yes, Madonna most definitely did and many would argue that she still does.

Madonna also broke the internet with another photo series captioned, “Car trouble,” with the icon posing in an even more revealing black get-up, reminiscent of something a dominatrix would wear. She paired fishnets, her frequent staple, with some black underwear and a bandeau top, a Brixton hat, and sky-high chunky black platform boots.

Madonna (Richard Young/Shutterstock)

Although fans enjoy these sizzling self-pictorials and sprinkles of film-teasers, it’s safe to say that Madonna Nation is more than ready to see who will star in her film (Kanye‘s current flame Julia Fox is in talks to play early Madonna BFF Debi Mazar). The Queen of Pop has not yet confirmed if she has found that special actor, and there is no question that the woman—or man—will most certainly have to have edge! If you’re going to play Madonna, you have to look—and act—the part. Madonna doesn’t always set the trend. She is the trend. No pressure!