‘The Gilded Age’ EP Teases ‘Natural Chemistry’ & ‘Possible’ Romance Between Larry & Marian

EP Salli Richardson-Whitfield opened up about the incredible chemistry between Larry Russell & Marian Brooks in HBOMax's 'The Gilded Age.'

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The Gilded Age is the latest historical drama that is an absolute must-watch. From the creators of Downton Abbey, viewers are transported back in time to the 1880s in New York City, when incredible wealth rules supreme, and a battle of old money vs. new ensued. Executive Producer and director Salli Richardson-Whitfield joined the HollywoodLife Podcast to discuss the new HBOMax series and even tease a possible romance between Larry Russell and Marian Brooks that so many viewers picked up on in the first episode.

“It’s so funny that everyone keeps seeing that!” she immediately gushed. “I can’t say too much about that, but sometimes storylines start happening just because actors in particular have their own chemistry that you don’t expect.” Louisa Jacobson and Harry Richardson as Marian and Larry certainly have that!

“I can’t tell you if there’s a romance brewing, but what I can tell you is that those two just naturally, really, just come off the screen. You just see the chemistry,” Salli continued. “But I, personally, think it’s a good love match.” While Larry and Marian may be a good love match, their affair would also be forbidden by Marian’s stubborn, old money socialite aunt, Agnes van Rhijn (Christine Baranski).

Louisa Jacobson & Harry Richardson as Marian and Larry in ‘The Gilded Age.’ (HBO)

“Agnes will always be the one doing her best to get rid of people and not let them in. She has her standards and she is not letting it change her,” Salli explained. On the other hand, Bertha Russell (Carrie Coons), is trying her damnedest to break into high society, despite being pushed aside due to her ‘New Money’ status. Her son, Larry, dating Marian would be the perfect way in.

“Bertha is going to win by any means necessary,” the EP declared. “I think besides for her, it’s all about her children and her daughter in particular, and getting her in that world and setting this life up for her. So, Bertha is going to spend whatever amount of money that she needs to spend, and do whatever conniving thing she needs to get in there, to win. She cannot be denied.”

Louisa Jacobson & Harry Richardson as Marian and Larry in ‘The Gilded Age.’ (HBO)

Salli admitted that The Gilded Age really “mirrors our present day,” which is why she feels it’s such an important time in American history to be told. “There hasn’t been such a divide as far as income and wealth as there is now and then, so it really mirrors the same period,” she explained. “I don’t know if it’s a lesson to be learned that we keep repeating the past, but what was happening there as far as racial problems, money, new money, differences between the two classes, a lot of that is still going on. So, maybe we can see it and start to learn from it.”

The Gilded Age is available to stream on HBOMax with new episodes dropping every Sunday.