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Lori Harvey Says Her Relationship With Michael B. Jordan Works Because They’re ‘Friends First’

Relationship tips from Lori. The model daughter of Steve Harvey explained why it's essential to be friends before anything else.

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Lori Harvey, 25, and boyfriend Michael B. Jordan, 34, have been head-over-heels for one another since they went public in Jan. 2021. And while love in the limelight can be harsh sometimes, the model daughter of Steve Harvey, 65, shared her tips for relationship success with POPSUGAR for their Jan/Feb cover story, published Jan. 25. “Always communicate. Overcommunicate, even, so you are always on the same page,” Lori said. “Also, be friends first. You know how sometimes you fight with your siblings and, of course, you love them, but you’re like, ‘I don’t even like you right now’? It’s important to always be friends whether you like the person.”

Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan
Lori Harvey said the key to a good relationship is “communication” and being “friends first”. She and boyfriend Michael B. Jordan hold hands during a Aug. 2021 outing. (RMBI/LESE/APEX / BACKGRID)

For Michael, this meant learning more about Lori’s passion for skincare. Laughing about her boyfriend sweetly, Lori  — who launched her founder of SKN By Lori Harvey brand in late 2021 — said, “Mike doesn’t know a ton about skincare — everything he’s learned, he learned when we got together. He used to just wash his face with a warm rag and walk out the door, and it would make me cringe.”

But she said it was helpful to have his, and others’ opinions along the way. “Before I launched, my anxiety was through the roof,” Lori said. “I questioned every little thing, like, ‘Is my packaging OK? Should I have redone this, should I redo this? Is this the right time, should we push the launch date back?'”

Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey hold hands while out in LA in Aug. 2021. (RHTY/starmaxinc.com/Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Lori is grappling with the pressure of succeeding in the shadow of her superstar dad Steve. “There’s the feeling like, ‘I have to be successful because my dad is this successful giant,’ and of course wanting to impress your parents and make them proud,” she said. “Then there’s the societal pressures of social media: everything has to be perfect. There are times I’ve gotten insecure or you start comparing yourself to other people. You see what they’re doing on social media, and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I’m not doing enough.'”