How Kim Cattrall Feels About Samantha Jones Appearing Via Text In ‘And Just Like That’

HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVE intel on what Kim Cattrall really thinks about her iconic character, Samantha Jones, making off-screen appearances on 'And Just Like That.'

On the latest episode of And Just Like That, Kim Cattrall‘s Samantha Jones was involved in a texting conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Carrie Bradshaw. While Kim, 65, chose not to return to the Sex and the City revival series, HBO Max has still found ways to involve Samantha in the storyline. Following Samantha’s latest text appearance, a source close to Kim EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that the actress isn’t surprised that her iconic character remains relevant on the new show.

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones (Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/©Warner Bros./courtesy Everett Collection)

“Kim obviously sees how the series imitates real life because Sarah and Kim will never be friends,” the insider said. “Kim’s focus has been to distance herself from the show on a professional and personal level. She’ll always appreciate the fan support but it’s just not where her life is at anymore. The fact that they’ve written her character in through text messages doesn’t surprise Kim. She knows she played a huge role on the series and Samantha will always be an icon.” HL reached out to Kim’s rep, but we haven’t heard back.

Samantha’s absence was addressed on the very first episode of And Just Like That. It’s explained that she apparently had a falling out with the girls and now lives in London, though she sends flowers to Carrie after her lover Mr. Big (Chris Noth) dies of a heart attack. In episode 5, Carrie texts Samantha to let her know that she’ll be sharing an old story about her on a podcast. Samantha gives her the green light to do so, but when Carrie texts “I miss you” to Samantha, Samantha goes radio-silent.

'And Just like That'
‘And Just like That’ (Photo: AbacaPress /

Kim has yet to publicly address Samantha’s disappearance. However, after the And Just Like That premiere, the actress did like several tweets from fans that showed support for her and her beloved character. Show boss Michael Patrick King previously confirmed that Kim’s Samantha, who appeared in all 6 seasons of SATC, as well as the two feature films, would not be part of the revival series after deciding she no longer wanted to play the fictional publicist.

And Just Like That was never four,” the showrunner explained to the The Hollywood Reporter. “It never was on the radar as four because Kim Cattrall, for whatever reason, didn’t want to play Samantha anymore while we were doing the [third] movie. I never thought, ‘Oh, there’s a hole I have to fill.’ Samantha doesn’t not exist in their lives,” he said.

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