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‘RHOM’ Star Adriana De Moura Teases Drama With Larsa Pippen: ‘She Changed So Much’

Adriana de Moura EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife more about her feud with Larsa Pippen. Plus, she explains why this will be 'the best season' of 'RHOM' yet.

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Adriana de Moura
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The drama is already heating up on season 4 of The Real Housewives of Miami, and Adriana de Moura is in the thick of it. Although Adriana, 56, is only a “Friend Of” on Peacock’s revival series this season, the Brazilian bombshell is bringing her A-game when it comes to setting her fellow cast members straight. She’s especially not holding back against Larsa Pippen, and later on in the season, she’s seen throwing some Kim Kardashian-related shade towards Larsa at a dramatic dinner party.

In an EXCLUSIVE chat with HollywoodLife, Adriana elaborated more on her ongoing drama with Larsa. Plus, she revealed which RHOM newbie she’s grown closest with, how the cast is “keeping a step ahead” thanks to its diversity, and if she’ll ever be a full-time cast member again.

Adriana de Moura
Adriana de Moura (Photo: Peacock)

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Larsa hasn’t been on the show since season 1. What was your reaction when you heard she was coming back for season 4?

ADRIANA DE MOURA: It was a bit of a surprise because, you know, she did season one and then after she went to L.A. and spent 10 years there. And then she came back once, I guess, the relationships in L.A. were no longer. So in a way it felt good. And I tried to embrace her back into our group, but she was gone for a long time so the connection was not as strong.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Which cast member seemed the most different when you guys reunited for Peacock’s new season?

ADRIANA DE MOURA: Well not Lisa [Hochstein]Alexia [Echevarria] and Marysol [Patton], they are all the same because we kept in touch. Larsa, think, was the one that was different in the sense. Or at least in the beginning, she seemed a little bit more friendly. A little less into herself.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: We see in the trailer that you reference Kim Kardashian’s butt when fighting with Larsa. Is there anything you can tease about that scene?

ADRIANA DE MOURA: Well, you know me, I always speak my mind. I’m trying to embrace her and be non judgmental over some personal choices, but she just changed so much and I feel like she’s really trying to become Kim Kardashian. She tells me that her butt is just as big and I know it wasn’t. And her lips are bigger and I feel like her whole face changed. It’s almost like she went to the Kardashians’ doctor and said, ‘Make me the clone.’

'RHOM' Cast
‘RHOM’ cast (Photo: Jeff Daly/Peacock)

HOLLYWOODLIFE: There’s some newbies on the cast, as well. What did you make of them, and who would you say you clicked with the most?

ADRIANA DE MOURA: Julia [Lemigova] and I have been friends for nine years and when I got that call from the producer saying, ‘We want you to come back and think of a friend you’d like to bring,’ I was thinking about friends but then Julia came to me. Julia was the clear choice because I realized that up to now, we didn’t have any representation for the LGBTQ community. Julia and Martina [Navratilova], they’re the ones that I want to bring and to make that representation and to make that historical moment.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Why are you a ‘Friend Of’ on this season? Was that your decision, production’s decision, or was it mutual?

ADRIANA DE MOURA: It was kind of a twofold decision because even though I was excited to come back, I’m also pursuing a master’s degree. It takes a lot of my time. But I ended up being able to juggle everything and commit. That’s why you see me in every scene, very full time. Even though I didn’t get the official full-time position, I feel like I worked as hard as a full-time position. I think that next season once we clear everything, I should be back full time.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: This is one of, if not the most diverse cast in ‘Real Housewives’ history. How does that feel?

ADRIANA DE MOURA: We’re keeping a step ahead. We always did. Because if you even look back on season one, we had a lot of Black girls. So we had diversity, but now we’ve stepped it up even more so. I feel good about being in the group that is representing communities and diversity that we all need to respect and celebrate.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: What more can you tease about the rest of the season?

ADRIANA DE MOURA: I think this could be the best season of Miami yet. Literally having been in all the other ones. We are really pushing the boundaries. Nothing is left unsaid. And I think it’s gonna be a bombastic.

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