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Girl Named Tom Reveals ‘The Voice’ Has Given Them A ‘New Confidence Moving Forward’

Girl Named Tom has made it all the way to 'The Voice' finale. The sibling trio opened up about the 'new confidence' they have now, if they'd change anything they did on the show, and more.

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Girl Named Tom
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The Voice will crown a new champion at the end of its December 14 finale, and the winner could very well be Girl Named Tom. Ahead of the last night of season 21, the members of the band — Caleb, Joshua, and Bekah Grace Liechty — spoke with reporters, including HollywoodLife, about what they’ve learned about themselves on The Voice.

Girl Named Tom
Girl Named Tom during night one of the finale. (NBC)

“I think we learned about ourselves that what we do bring to the table is valuable and America wants that,” Bekah said. “America wants and needs that now. The harmonies, the meaningful lyrics, and I think you will hear that in our songwriting. We are very honored to have had this experience, to try it out, and to bring it. This is what we do, and we hope people like it and to have America vote us into the finale, the first trio, it is just like, what?! We are so humbled and grateful, and it really has given us a new confidence moving forward. It has been very helpful.”

Week after week, Girl Named Tom has wowed the coaches and viewers with their incredible performances. The band revealed whether or not they would have changed anything at all about this journey. “I mean we made it here, so in that way we wouldn’t have changed a thing as that was our goal, to perform on every live show,” Caleb noted. “But to say there would be nothing we would want to redo, that wouldn’t be true. There is a lot of things we would redo.”

Bekah added, “There would be a lot of things we would change for sure.” Joshua also admitted there will be a “bit of nerves” during the second part of the finale. “We feel really proud of what we accomplished, just individually and as a group, and we just kind of soak up all these last moments with the band, with Kelly [Clarkson], and the other contestants. We really are trying to enjoy the remaining moments we have on the show. Our work is finished, it was good. We enjoyed it and whatever happens, happens. Of course, there will be a little bit of nerves. Everybody wants to win, but there isn’t any part of us that would feel like, ‘Oh, shoot! Wendy [Moten] won or Hailey [Mia] won.'”

Girl Named Tom
Girl Named Tom performing on ‘The Voice.’ (NBC)

Caleb, Joshua, and Bekah Grace all wanted to be doctors before they became singers. Even though they’ve dedicated themselves to a music career, they still have “scientific minds.” Joshua revealed, “It helps when we have artistic inspiration and then have an idea on what we are going to sing, we can then stick to it, which is something you have to do as a trio because if you are a solo artist and you have this moment of inspiration during a performance you can go off-script. But for us, we really can’t do that. And it kind of works if we take a more scientific approach to music.”