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Flavor Flav In Terrifying Car Accident: Boulder Tumbles Onto Rapper’s Car & He Loses Control

In a holiday miracle, Flavor Flav escaped a potentially deadly fate while on a road trip from Las Vegas to L.A.

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Flavor Flav narrowly escaped death after a terrifying accident. While on a road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, the 62-year-old’s car was struck by a massive boulder on Tuesday, Dec. 14 per TMZ. The large rock fell down La Tuna Canyon amid the rain, hitting the right side of his car — and forcing him to then lose control.

Flav, née William Jonathan Drayton Jr., was luckily able to regain control as he pulled over to the side of the road. “God is good,” he said to the outlet, adding that he “came very close to death but is super grateful to be alive.” The rapper shared images of his damaged white Audi with the website, revealing the massive dent and broken light on the right side of his car. HollywoodLife has reached out to Flavor Flav’s rep for a statement on the scary incident.

Flavor Flav
Flavor Flav is seen performing. (Stephanie Paschal/Shutterstock)

After the incident, Flav was able to call AAA for help and to tow the pricey vehicle away for repairs. Fortunately, he appears to be physically okay sans being shaken up by the near brush with death (notably, a driver did stop to check in on Flav after observing what had happened). Talk about a Christmas miracle!

The rapper has been all over the place lately, including at the Palm Springs estate of Kris Jenner, 66, in November. The Flavor of Love star was hanging with new couple Kim Kardashian, 41, and Pete Davidson as the Saturday Night Live actor celebrated his 28th birthday. It’s unclear who Flav is friends with in the gang, as Pete recently revealed he met the rapper “recently” during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Miley Cyrus last week.

Although Flav and Pete’s friendship might be a new one, the rapper seems to hold the comedian in high regard. “celebrating my adopted son Pete Davidson’s birthday wit the legendz @kimkardashian and @krisjenner,” Flav wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo from the hangout on Nov. 17. “I never took a clock off my neck to give to someone and you will be the last person I do this for…it lookz real good on you…happy birthday,” he also added.