‘My Unorthodox Life’s Batsheva Haart Reveals ‘Best Advice’ Her Mom Gave Her & It’s For All Women

I am woman! Batsheva Haart opened up to HL about the best advice her mom, Elite World Group CEO Julia Haart, has given her & it's something we all need to hear!

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Image Credit: Netflix

The TikTok trend featuring singer Emmy Meli’s song “I AM WOMAN” is striking a chord with millions of women who need a little reminder that they are sexy, divine, unbeatable and creative. For My Unorthodox Life star Batsheva Haart, that mantra is very similar to the mindset her mom, Julia Haart, has tried to instill in her children since she left the Orthodox Jewish community in 2013. “My mom has always advised me to have my own thing, to be able to make my own money,” Batsheva reveled to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview, while discussing her partnership with VistaPrint. “I don’t think that everyone needs to be a full-on career woman, but having some financial freedom is so important.”


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She continued, “You never know where your life is going to take you and to be able to get out of a situation on your own is really important, and that’s something my mom has really instilled in me.” While feeling trapped within the ultra-Orthodox community, Julia secretly sold life insurance for several years to make enough money to be able to escape and support herself. “Just to keep something for yourself throughout those years is something that I strive to do and she’s taught me,” Batsheva added.

My Unorthodox Life recently got the greenlight for season 2, and Batsheva is ready for fans to see more of her family in action this time around. “I think season 1 was a really good introduction to my family, but I really hope in season two, you get to see us a little bit more in our element, especially since the world is more open now,” she explained. “I feel like a season one is always the tip of the iceberg, so we’re looking forward to continuing to open up and share our lives and hopefully connect with more people.”

The Netflix star spoke to HollywoodLife while promoting her collaboration with VistaPrint, which offers a perfect option for a personalized and thoughtful holiday gift! “I made my dad and his new wife Elisa a personalized calendar. I had her kids send me photos, my siblings sent me photos, and we had a bunch that we took at their wedding, and I made a little calendar of our new joint family with everyone’s birthdays included. They loved it!” Batsheva gushed. “It’s such a thoughtful gift, you can do it easily and electronically and everyone can have a hand in it. Plus, it’s unregiftable, as VistaPrint says!”

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