Katharine McPhee & David Foster Reveal ‘The Masked Singer’ Gave Them ‘Quality Time’ Together

Katharine McPhee and David Foster were revealed as the Banana Split on 'The Masked Singer.' HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the couple about the song they weren't able to sing and getting 'quality time' together.

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The Masked Singer
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The Group B Finals led to the unmasking of the Banana Split. The duo was revealed as Katharine McPhee, 37, and David Foster, 72, during the December 8 episode of The Masked Singer. The couple spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about what it was like being able to do The Masked Singer together.

The Masked Singer
David Foster and Katharine McPhee after being unmasked. (FOX)

“It was so awesome. It’s so much fun,” David said. “We spent so much time together. As I’m sure you’ve heard from other contestants, it’s very isolating. You don’t get to mix with anybody. They’re super strict about it. The first day we showed up in the car they said, ‘Put this mask on, wear this shirt, and wear these gloves covering the feet.’ We’re like ‘What the hell is going on?’ But they stuck to it the entire way. You don’t get to see or know who anybody is. We spent a lot of time together, which we’re used to doing, but it was quality time. It was fun.”

Katharine added, “It’s creative time. It was fun to go home as well in David’s studio and have him work obsessively as he has always done on the arrangements because that’s just what he does.”

The couple teamed up for amazing renditions of “A Million Dreams” by Pink, “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga, and more. However, there was one song the pair had wanted to perform on the show, but it just didn’t happen. “There’s a song that we wanted, I believe, for our first song and we couldn’t get it. The Olivia Rodrigo song,” Katharine revealed, talking about “driver’s license.”

David noted that he “came up with an arrangement for it that I really loved, and we both loved it. But we couldn’t clear the song. So we went with the B choice, and it ended up being great.”

During their performances, Katharine was dressed up as the ice cream part of the Banana Split, while David was the banana. The American Idol alum admitted that performing in her costume was her biggest obstacle.

Katharine McPhee
Katharine McPhee performing on ‘The. Masked Singer.’ (FOX)

“For me, it was definitely a challenge,” Katharine told HollywoodLife. “It was hard to get used to. I was also only I think five months post-pregnancy, so I wasn’t in my tip-top shape. I was just kind of getting back and everything, so it definitely posed a challenge for me. The head was very, very heavy. I had to have it strapped around my arms.”

Katharine is no stranger to singing competitions. She was the runner-up of American Idol season 5. When asked what the couple learned about the other during their Masked Singer journey, Katharine said that David “probably learned that I really don’t like to lose. I was just really, really bummed out. It really hurt, I’m not going to lie.” The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.