Cardi B Reveals Her 3-Month-Old Son’s Latest Milestone In Rare Update About The Baby

The 'Up' rapper gushed over her baby boy, and how quickly he seems like he's growing up in a sweet, motherly tweet.

Having a newborn is always an incredibly exciting time for parents. Cardi B has been in total mom-mode since her son was born three months ago, and the 29-year-old rapper gave fans a glimpse on the latest accomplishment her baby boy has had. The Invasion of Privacy rapper tweeted that she felt like her son had “super powers,” since she felt like he was already hitting other achievements.

Cardi’s sweet tweet, raving over her little boy showed that he was getting used to holding his own bottle. “My son holding his bottle wit both his hands already,” she wrote. The rapper also said she was trying to look back on when her daughter Kulture, 3, was the same age and whether she did the same thing. Cardi tweeted, “Im trying to remember if KK was doing that around 3 months old or if this is one of the super powers these pandemic babies coming with.”

The rapper gave birth to her son on September 4, and announced his birth in an Instagram post with her husband Offsetwhere the musical couple were sitting in a hospital bed, cradling the little one. Cardi gave fans another update on her life since the baby was born in a September 29 tweet, where she spoke about going through postpartum depression. “Can’t wait till these weird postpartum hormones completely leave my body. I be crying for no reason,” she wrote at the time. 

Cardi tweeted out an update on her newborn son. (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

After the baby was born, Cardi responded to a fan’s question about what her daughter’s reaction was to finding out she was going to be a big sister to a baby brother, and Kulture had a hilarious reaction to the news. Kulture told her mom that she “wants a baby sister,” but the rapper told her, “Yeah, but it’s a boy!” Kulture said one more time that she wanted a baby sister! It was a pretty hilarious and adorable clip. While she may not have gotten the baby sister she wanted, Kulture will definitely be a great big sister to her brother.

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