Elon Musk Rocks Half Mohawk Buzzed Hair Makeover — Before & After Photos

The Tesla billionaire showed off his all new hairstyle, as he stepped off his private jet for a night in Miami.

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Sometimes you just need a new haircut! Elon Musk debuted a brand new half mohawk style while heading to Art Basel Miami on Wednesday December 1. The SpaceX founder showed off the fresh cut, as he arrived in Florida for the art program, in new photos, which you can see here, via DailyMail. Still, the 50-year-old CEO was still able to comb his hair into a bit of his signature flow, despite it now being a lot tighter around the sides.

Elon’s mohawk isn’t as bold as one might expect! He seemed to just shave the sides of his head down and keep a lot of his hair in the middle. It’s not exactly a Mr. T mohawk! He was able to still comb it over, like he has with his more recognizable, longer haircut. Other than the fresh cut, Elon also rocked a dark denim jacket with a black t-shirt under it and a black bandana around his neck.

The mohawk isn’t the only recent change in Elon’s life. The billionaire split up with his girlfriend of three years Grimes, 33, in September 2021. Elon had been dating the musician, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, since April 2018. Shortly after their breakup, Grimes admitted that the two were still living together in an October 2 Instagram post. The pair share a one-year-old son X AE Xii, who was born in May 2020.

Elon’s new mohawk isn’t too different from his signature combover. (Matt Rourke/AP/Shutterstock)

More recently, Elon adorably showed his son on camera during a video update for one of his latest Starship projects. While the SpaceX founder was wearing a simple gray suit, X adorably sat on his lap in casual clothes. The youngster managed to say “Hi!” into the camera, and waved his arms around in the video, before someone came to take him out of the room. When Elon debuted the new mohawk, X was also spotted at the airport, being held by a nanny, and he rocked a similar haircut to his dad. Still, X’s cut was a little less bold, with his cute blonde hair making it not as noticeable as his dad’s brunette hair.

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