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JoJo Siwa Admits Her ‘Body Has Changed A Lot’ After ‘Not Feeling Confident’ Ahead Of ‘DWTS’

JoJo Siwa's growing strength & tone is hard to miss when she's performing on 'DWTS.' She opened up about how the experience has changed her body and mind.

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JoJo Siwa has blown away the judges and her fans on Dancing With The Stars week after week, as part of a history-making partnership with Jenna Johnson. Now, as the duo prepares to enter the finals, the pop sensation is opening up about her experience on the show and how it has changed her in more ways than one. “My body has changed a lot. My mind has changed more than my body, but I have dropped multiple sizes in clothes,” JoJo revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, while discussing her new Peacock series JoJo’s Dance Pop Revolution. “Jenna has transformed my body. I could not do one single push up when we started and now, every day we do 15 solid nose to the ground, no cheating push-ups. I do it twice a day — once with her, once on my own.”

JoJo admitted that in the early rehearsal days for DWTS, Jenna “broke down a wall” she had up and “got into [her] mind.” “She figured out that I’m not very confident in my body, in the way that I look, and she was not having it at all. Jenna was like ‘We are not doing that here. Never ever,'” the ‘DREAM’ singer explained. “She got me over it and she got me over the hump. It’s something that I didn’t really tell anybody about. I didn’t even really tell my family about it. Nobody knew about it. It was something that I kept to myself.”

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson. (Courtesy of ABC)

JoJo continued, “Now, knowing that I can do those push ups and knowing that I can only plank for three minutes, I’m like, ‘Ok, you’re actually pretty strong!'” She went on to rave about her Dancing With The Stars partner, calling her “part of the family now.” “I’m lucky to have her in my life for forever,” JoJo gushed.

The multi-hyphenate also spoke, alongside her mom, Jessalynn Siwa, about their new Peacock series JoJo’s Dance Pop Revolution. The reality competition show follows the mother-daughter duo joining forces to form the net best pop group. “Honestly, it’s interesting, because I have a lot of ideas that I’m now just too old for, at 18, but now, with this girl group, I can do stuff for them and they can do it,” JoJo explained. “That’s been something that I’ve been loving so much about this project. I’m getting to do all the choreography and all the creative directing and it is just a blast.”

JoJo Siwa & her mom Jessalynn. (Aaron Poole/Peacock)

She added that viewers will see that she has always been in charge of her own career, despite a belief that she had a “corporation and management” making “choices for her.” “I really put in all the work and it really was my choices when I was younger and still is now, but especially when I was younger, and that’s something too that I want to pass along to these kids,” JoJo told HL. “Even though I’m doing their choreography and we’re coming up with their costumes, it’s still their choice on everything. If they don’t like what we’re wearing, let’s change it. You don’t like your, makeup let’s fix it. It’s their voice on it. It’s their bodies in the costumes, it’s their faces with the makeup on, so we want everything to to be what they like.”

You can stream JoJo’s Dance Pop Revolution on Peacock now and tune in to DWTS Monday at 8 PM ET!