Jojo Siwa Admits It Was So ‘Scary’ Nearly Being Eliminated On ‘DWTS’ After Getting Top Scores

Jojo Siwa found herself in the bottom two and at risk of being eliminated at the end of Queen Night on 'DWTS.' Jojo admitted the shocking results were 'scary' and opened up about where her confidence stands now.

Dancing With the Stars
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Queen Night on Dancing WIth the Stars ended with a total shocker. Frontrunner Jojo Siwa ended up in the bottom two and in danger of elimination with The Miz. In the end, the judges chose to save Jojo and Jenna Johnson. Jojo spoke with reporters, including HollywoodLife, about that near-elimination.

“It was scary,” Jojo admitted. Jenna said it was “terrible being in the bottom two with The Miz.” They both recognized the importance of voting. “I also think maybe people think that because we have the last three weeks gotten really high scores that we’ll just sail by, and that’s not the case clearly tonight,” Jenna also noted.

Dancing With the Stars
Jojo Siwa and Jenna Johnson in the bottom two with The Miz and Witney Carson. (ABC)

Jojo said she’s “just grateful that we weren’t the ones going home because I’ve also seen that where there’s a shocking elimination where somebody that you thought was going to the finals ends up going home.” Jojo and Jenna are not letting the near-elimination get them down going into Janet Jackson Week. “This is great, though. I feel like both of us love a challenge, and I think if anything this is going to motivate us for next week,” Jenna told reporters.

Jenna has been the perfect partner for Jojo, and the DWTS pair has already gotten perfect scores this season. While working with Jenna, Jojo has learned so much about herself. “I’ve learned a lot about being happy,” Jojo said. “I’ve learned a lot about just yesterday and the day before, not second-guessing myself and being on eggshells. I learned how stressed I get when I think Jen’s mad at me.”

Jojo Siwa
Jojo Siwa and Jenna Johnson on Queen Night. (ABC)

Jenna noted, “I am never mad at her.” To which Jojo replied, “But I got really stressed that you were! That made my day go even further downhill. I learned a lot about my mind and it is growing and it’s changing, and I think the biggest way that it has is I have become more open-minded about myself. I’ve always been open-minded about others, but I think I’ve been close-minded with myself, and I think it’s cool that I’m finally a little open-minded.” Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays on ABC.

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