Nick Cannon, Father Of 7, Explains Why He ‘Raised His Hand’ After Saweetie Says She ‘Wants Babies’

Nick Cannon playfully responded to one of Saweetie's tweets, where she said that she wanted to have kids, but the comedian said he was misunderstood!

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Nick Cannon was just messing around when he responded to Saweetie’s tweet where she said she wanted babies! The 41-year-old comedian and father of seven explained that it was just a bit of fun, when he shared a series of emojis, including one where he had a hand raised, to the 28-year-old rapper’s tweet. He explained that it was just a joke during the Monday November 8 episode of his talk show!

Saweetie had written that she “want[ed] some babies” in a November 6 tweet, which Nick replied to with the bunch of emojis, including a ponderous face, a ninja, a laughing face, and, of course, the hand raising one, which many people felt may have been him volunteering. Nick deflected and said that he’d been misunderstood!  “I just replied with some emojis! As an expert in babies, and anybody who can speak emoji, knows what that says,” he joked. “”This is what it says, ‘Take time for making such a big decision.'”

Saweetie stuns in a red and black dress. (Paul A Hebert/Shutterstock)

The Masked Singer host was obviously poking fun at the fact that he already has seven kids, and he had his four youngest kids within less than a year of each other. He joked that his tweet was just a bit of fun. “All my ninjas are misunderstood. That’s all I’m trying to say,” he quipped.

Nick proceeded to read tweets that made fun of the situation, and he seemed to get a kick out of it. “Of course, I caught heat for the tweet. One tweet said, ‘the celibacy clock is tickin.’ Still holding onto it. Somebody else tweeted, ‘Here comes Fertile Myrtle,” he said, before showing that he was particularly amused at one tweet about his kids’ names. “My favorite one—this is the last one—it says, ‘Saweetie… girl run! Have you seen what he names his kids?’ Yo, I think my kids’ names are amazing. That’s all I’m saying.”

While he said that he wasn’t volunteering himself to have more kids with the “My Type” rapper, he did seem inspired by Saweetie’s “sweet” name and suggested that they could have candy-inspired kids. “I’ve got some very strong, powerful kids, but can you imagine if me and Saweetie did name our kids something? We’d call them like Mike and Ike. That’s between Now and Later. Left Twix and Right Twix Cannon. We can make it happen. Sweet Tart Cannon, but you know what?” he said. “Shouts out to Saweetie! It was all in fun, no disrespect. If she’s ready to have kids, get to it, queen! We rocking with you. Tap in! You know what your type is! We could have some Sour Patch Cannons!”

Nick explained that he was joking when he tweeted at Saweetie. (Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

While he swore that his response to Saweetie was just a joke, Nick has spoken a lot about the reaction to him having so many kids in recent interviews. He noted that he was “tak[ing] a break from having kids,” in a September interview with ET. “My therapist says I should be celibate,” he also said. He also told TMZ that he may have more children in the future in an earlier September interview. “If God sees it that way, then that’s what I’m gonna keep doing,” he said at the time.


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