Juna N Joey Explore Why ‘Everyone Hates Heartache’ In Their New Ballad ‘Til Your Heart Breaks’

You always remember your first – your first broken heart, that is. This monumental experience is captured in the new song from sibling singer-songwriters Juna N Joey!

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Like death, taxes, and someone getting your name wrong at Starbucks, heartache is a universal constant. Every human will experience at least once (if not multiple times) during their life. But, as the saying goes, “the first cut is the deepest,” and the first time your heart gets broken seems to hurt more than all the others. That pain lies – appropriately – at the heart of the new song from dynamic sibling duo Juna N Joey. With a musical arrangement that includes sweeping strings, piano keys, and an undeniable country spirit, Juna N Joey explore how transformative that experience is. “You don’t see the reason for a good cry,” the two sing on the chorus. “You can’t know the pain of a good-bye / and you wonder why everyone hates heartache / ‘til your heart breaks.”

“When we started writing this song, it all started with a piano part,” Joey tells HollywoodLife. “We then formed the melody and eventually came up with the title. Ironically, we haven’t experienced true heartbreak yet! We realized that we don’t always have to experience something personally to write about it. We hope that people are able to relate to this song!”

“When we sat down to write, we started throwing out ideas about heartbreak,” adds Juna. “When writing the lyrics, we actually started with the chorus and then moved into writing the verses. We knew it was a special song once we finished it –  we love ballads.  This is actually the first time we will have a ballad released to radio.”

(Nathan Pirkle)
(Nathan Pirkle)

“Til Your Heart Breaks” marks the second major release from Juna N Joey this year. Earlier in 2021, the two put out “Something Good To Miss,” the first release off their upcoming self-titled EP. Whereas “Till Your Heart Breaks” is an emotional reflection on one of the sadder moments in life, “Something Good To Miss” covers the giddiness that comes when you first fall in love.

Both this upbeat song and their new ballad demonstrate Juna & Joey’s growth. The duo first made a splash online, posting covers to YouTube (which they still do to this day, much to the delight of their fans.) The two also tasted fame after appearing on Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family and America’s Got Talent. Since then, they’ve toured with American Idol alum Cade Foehner and have honed their craft as young songwriters. Expect to hear their talents for yourself when their EP drops soon.