‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Kayla Sessler’s Ex-Boyfriend Thinks He May Be Izaiah’s Dad

Kayla's dream of a drama-free future was crushed during the Oct. 12 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant', when an ex said he may be Izaiah's dad.

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Image Credit: MTV

Kayla Sessler‘s ex-boyfriend, Ryan, unexpectedly popped up during the Oct. 12 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, when he revealed that he might actually be Izaiah’s dad. He and Kayla had sex the same month that she conceived Izaiah, but for some reason, she never suspected that Ryan was Izaiah’s dad. She just always assumed Stephan Alexander was Izaiah’s father.

However, when Kayla showed her mom a photo of Ryan, her mom said Izaiah looks just like Ryan. Then, when Kayla’s mom asked her how Luke‘s been processing this information, since he was planning on adopting Izaiah, Kayla seemed to say that she hadn’t told him yet because it happened before they met. Um what?! Kayla’s mom explained that Luke should know — especially since Kayla basically said Luke would revert back to being just a “bonus dad” to Izaiah if Ryan is, in fact, the little boy’s father. Poor Luke. 

By the episode’s end, Kayla hadn’t yet met up with Ryan, but she told them they could get together to discuss him taking a DNA test.

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