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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith Decides To Take A New Job

After much convincing during the October 7 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy,' Meredith takes a new job in Minnesota. But is she moving away from Seattle?

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Nick leaves a note for Meredith under her door at the hotel. She catches him as he’s walking away. He wanted her phone number, but he didn’t want to disturb her. He asks her out and Meredith accepts.

Amelia shows up in Minnesota to meet with Meredith. They’re both being offered millions to cure Parkinson’s. Amelia is stunned by The Grey Center. Hamilton introduces Amelia and Meredith to Dr. Kai Bartley, and there’s a moment between Bartley and Amelia.

Grey's Anatomy
Amelia and Meredith in Minnesota. (ABC)

After hearing and seeing what Hamilton is willing to put into curing Parkinson’s, Amelia is 100 percent in. Meanwhile, Meredith is still uncertain. There are a lot of variables at play. She wants to give her kids stability. She just got back to her job. She has a life in Seattle.

Amelia continues to try and convince Meredith to help her change the world. She has hope they can cure Parkinson’s. As Amelia is leaving, Meredith spots Nick in the distance. Amelia doesn’t know why Meredith would walk away from something like this.

Back in Seattle, Richard puts the residents through a special project. There’s a competition to test their laparoscopic skills, and the winner gets a solo surgery. Schmidt gets the solo surgery, and it’s the extraction of a yoni egg from a woman’s stomach. During the surgery, Schmidt gets help from his fellow residents.

Teddy and Owen work on a veteran with pulmonary fibrosis, but he doesn’t want treatment. They realize the disease was likely to cause by the burn pits he was around during his tours in the war. When the man’s kid is discharged, he goes with him. Even though Owen wants to try and save this man, the veteran has made his decision.

Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman as Nate Marsh. (ABC)

Instead of a fancy dinner, Nick takes Meredith on a picnic. They also get some star-gazing in. It’s all very swoonworthy.

The next day, Meredith makes her decision. She tells Hamilton that she needs autonomy in picking a team and would like to move the entire operation to Seattle. Hamilton rejects the Seattle idea. She agrees to track back and forth once a week and set up a satellite feed in Seattle. Hamilton agrees to her stipulations. Meredith is officially in, but how will Richard respond to this new job? That’s the big question.