Viral ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ Duo Reveal How They ‘Captured The Essence Of The Characters’ In Song

After going viral on TikTok with their 'Bridgerton'-inspired musical, songwriting duo Barlow & Bear have released the 'Unofficial Bridgerton Musical' album.

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As we anxiously await for season two of Bridgerton, songwriting duo Barlow & Bear have gifted fans their Unofficial Bridgerton Musical that went viral on TikTok following the Netflix show’s release. “It’s really, really exciting for both of us. Even though it hasn’t been that long of a time, it’s been a long time coming for both of us!” Abigail Barlow told in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “It’s finally time to let our our little baby take its first steps into the world, which is exciting!” Emily Bear added.


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The duo skyrocketed to social media stardom when they shared the first snippet of the first song they wrote for the concept album, “Ocean Away.” “I had just been writing down really interesting dialogue that sounded like poetry or song titles, and one of them was a piece of dialogue, where the character says, ‘You have no idea what it’s like to be in a room with someone that you can’t live without, and yet feel like they’re oceans away from you.’ And that imagery just made me raced to my piano and put something down,” Abigail recalled her first source of inspo. “I was crying in my bed that night, I just knew we were onto something so special.”

(Photo Credit: Igor Kasyanyuk / Artwork: Samantha Bates)

Now, the 15-track album is a full arc of the beloved show. The ladies admitted that “a few songs are definitely taken specific moments in the TV show,” but others “weren’t written about a particular scene,” but were necessary to tell the story and the “essence of the characters.” “Like the queen in ‘Entertain Me,’ we wanted to have the song show all of the sides of the trauma that discovered she’s gone through, throughout the TV show,” Abigail said. “Finding that balance for the album was definitely tricky.”

“I think a lot of moments in Bridgerton links themselves to a song, because the last piece of that puzzle is really reading their minds and wondering, ‘What are they thinking in these moments that have such tension, but they’re not talking to each other?'” Emily continued. “There were definitely a lot of moments where we wanted to write a song, but it was like, how do we approach this in a completely new way that wasn’t explored by the TV show? The beautiful thing about using music and singing is like a lot of times, you can say things that wouldn’t be able to say otherwise.”

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