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‘AGT’ Recap: Brooke Simpson, Victory Brinker & More Bring Their A-Game In Final Round Of Semi-Finals

The 'AGT' season 16 finale is just one week away, and the second round of 11 semi-finalists took the stage on September 7. Some acts excelled, while others got Simon's red buzzer.

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Brooke Simpson
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There are only 5 spots left in the America’s Got Talent season 16 finale, so the competition has never been more intense. Musical trio 1aChord is up first. They sing a unique version of Sting’s “Every Breath You Take.” It starts out slow, but the performance builds in momentum where the trio is joined by a choir. Heidi Klum yells, “This was so amazing!” Simon Cowell believes this performance “may change” their lives.

Last Semi-Finalists Perform

UniCircle Flow is up next. They bring the energy with Dua Lipa’s “Physical.” After some hiccups in their last performance, Simon tells the group this week was like a “completely different act.” Howie Mandel agrees with Simon and raves over how “in sync” the group was during their performance.

1aChord after their semi-finals performance. (NBC)

Heidi’s Golden Buzzer act Léa Kyle returns to the stage after a lackluster quarterfinals performance. This time around, she has a Secret Garden-esque theme and really ups her game. “I think you are a million-dollar act,” Heidi tells Léa. Sofia Vergara says her performance was “perfection,” and Simon says this was “genuinely a million-dollar performance.”

Comedian Kabir Singh’s nerves get the best of him in the semi-finals. During his stand-up, Simon presses his red buzzer. Simon tells Kabir that the comedian “needed” that push and it kind of “made the act better.” Howie acknowledges that Kabir’s act “didn’t go as well” as he hoped. Sofia just comes out and says that she didn’t like Kabir’s jokes.

The Northwell Health Nurse Choir sings a powerful rendition of “Don’t Give Up On Me” by Andy Grammer. Simon admits he absolutely loved the performance. “The world needs you right now,” he tells the choir. Psychic Peter Antoniou involves the judges in his act, and there’s a slight hiccup with Sofia. Simon ends up pressing his red buzzer. However, Heidi thinks Peter is the “total package” and is “perfect for Vegas.”

The Northwell Health Nurse Choir
The Northwell Health Nurse Choir performs during the semi-finals. (NBC)

Victory Brinker is back on AGT, and the 9-year-old continues to wow and amaze us. Her latest performance is nothing short of perfection. “You are a star in the making,” Heidi says. She even has Victory drop her mic! Dance team Chapkidz shocks the audience with their thrilling performance. Simon says it was the “best performance of the night!”

Rialcris, the hand-balancing act consisting of three brothers, is hoping this latest performance gets them a ticket to the finale. However, Simon presses his red buzzer in the middle of the performance, and Howie gets mad! Sofia ignores Simon’s buzzer and calls the performance “creative and very exciting.” Simon explains why he pressed his red buzzer. He thinks Rialcris’ performance was “very slow” and got “boring.”

Final 2 Acts Wow The Judges

Comedian Josh Blue is hoping this is the year of the comedian on AGT. Simon thinks Josh has a “shot at winning” season 16. Howie doesn’t think it’s the year of the comedian, it’s the “year of Josh Blue.”

The final performance of the night comes from Brooke Simpson, who puts a fierce and fabulous twist on Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits.” Simon admits Brooke was “shaky” at the beginning, but the second half of the performance was “spectacular.” Heidi raves that Brooke shines so bright “it’s almost blinding.”