Tove Lo Admits Married Life Has Inspired ‘Happy Love Songs,’ Straying From Her Usual ‘Darker Tone’

After a year of marriage, Tove Lo revealed that she has mixed in some 'happy love songs' into her new music, inspired by her love!

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Image Credit: e.l.f. Cosmetics

While singer Tove Lo admits that her usual music is filled with “strong emotions” and a “darker tone,” she opened up in a new interview about her new season of music and how her “spontaneous marriage” inspired some “happy love songs.” “Obviously, I thrive so much in writing about strong emotions, but when I’m happily in love, I would struggle to write… I can’t just write a whole album about love!” the “Habits” singer told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “However, I have found that even when I’m happy with someone, I still like, ‘This is too good, something bad is probably going to come, because I don’t deserve this.’ I just end up writing about like, my fears.”

Tove Lo for e.l.f. Cosmetics. (Courtesy of e.l.f.)

Tove continued, “It’s very therapeutic to get that out. But then also I’ve written a few really happy, love songs about him and I really like them! So there’s a combo, a nice little balance.” The singer married her longtime boyfriend Charlie Twaddle in a surprise ceremony in July 2020. “We’re really close, he really gets me and all my weirdness,” she gushed.

The New Zealand artist released her most recent album, Sunshine Kitty in the winter of 2019, just before the pandemic. “I think that Sunshine Kitty was such a happy, playful, sexy, more light hearted album… there’s a few sad songs on there, but across the album, that’s where it landed. Now, now, there’s definitely a slightly darker tone in the songs I’ve written,” Tove reflected on the last year and a half. “There’s definitely moments of uncertainty shining through in the music. It’s half of some of them being sad and reflective and the feeling of uncertainty of the world, and then the other ones are like, ‘let’s just forget about it and have a dance moment.'”

Tove Lo wears her e.l.f. Cosmetics Electric Mood products.(Courtesy of e.l.f.)

In addition to writing new music and enjoying married life, Tove Lo also partnered with e.l.f. Cosmetics to launch their Electric Mood collection, with products inspired by her music. “I’m pretty lazy when it comes to doing my makeup, like I can’t do it for more than five minutes, but I love a big brow, some glitter and dewy skin. I think they did a great job bringing my style to the collection with easy to use products,” she explained. “There’s a playfulness and coolness to the collection that I really relate to.”

Resulting from last year’s annual Beautyscape competition, Electric Mood was created by three lucky consumers who won the chance to collaborate with Tove Lo, Tiana Major9, and Pitizion on a collection for e.l.f.! Inspired by each artist’s genre of music and self expression, three collections as well as an exclusive song by each artist launched on July 1st and are available now.

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