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AZRA Lives Out Her Full ‘Kill Bill’ Fantasy While Cutting Down ‘Societal Conformity’ In New ‘Dirty’ Video

With a dash of Tarantino – and a cameo from her adorable pooch – AZRA delivers a Five Point Palm strike of pop power in her new video, one that encourages you to ‘rise up’ when society tries to grind you down.

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It’s a cinematic cornucopia at the start of “Dirty,” the new visual from pop artist AZRA. While the video’s opening scene might seem like it’s taking influence from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, once things go black and white and Azra sports a yellow and black outfit, it’s clear that this is a homage to another radical filmmaker’s vision. Against a sleek, sneaky electro beat, AZRA goes Kill Bill as she sings about how societal expectations are a toxic sludge that you need to avoid (“I’ve been down that road / I choose to walk the other way / every man for themselves don’t work / gotta be another way”). “Dirty” is a club jam about how fighting for what you believe in, to go your own way instead of falling in line, may not always be easy, and perhaps, you’ll have to get your hands “dirty” along the way.

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“I had so much fun creating the ‘Dirty’ Music Video with my director ZANE and the rest of talented production team,” AZRA tells HollywoodLife. “I’ve envisioned the idea for this video since the day I walked into my writing session for the song, so seeing my ideas come to life encompassing all of my favorite components of a music film made creating this video surreal and memorable. These components included performing the song, hip-hop dancing with my fellow dancers, sword fighting to dramatic acting, and most importantly featuring my fur baby Blueberry The Maltese as the head gangster.”

AZRA, who has tackled social issues through her art in the past, says that “Dirty” is about “rising above societal conformity and other such pressures that try to ill-intentionally mold and numb us in various ways,” in a press release accompanying the video. After experiencing a year that has been rife with “awakening moments filled with exposure to many injustices in our world,” AZRA recognizes that there are now “opportunities for us to grow and evolve as the human race.” Her song “Dirty” is a response to these moments, showing that “there exists positivity there also exists negativity and injustices in all aspects of our lives. Therefore, instead of ignoring them, we must accept them, be brave enough to stand up for what we believe in, and choose the right thing to do.”

The new “Dirty” video isn’t AZRA’s only major happening this week. She will perform live at The Mint in Los Angeles on Saturday (July 31). After a year without live performances, AZRA is helping kick off music’s comeback. Tickets are available now.