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AZRA Brings The ‘Female Energy’ In Her ‘Unapologetic’ Women-Empowerment Anthem ‘Dangerous’

For all the women breaking down barriers and shattering glass ceilings, AZRA has an anthem for you, and her new video shows how 'Dangerous' powerful females can be.

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It’s 2020, and there’s no place where women aren’t excelling. Yet, as the testimonials at the start of AZRA‘s new music video prove, there are still people who are foolishly trying to stop women from being incredible. For any woman feeling discouraged or frustrated, AZRA’s here to remind you how “Dangerous” you really are. In the video, premiering here on HollywoodLife, AZRA shows that she has the skills to make money moves both on the dance floor and in the boardroom. After getting her fill of misogyny and mansplaining, AZRA puts bros in their place, all while delivering a dynamic banger perfect for in the club, in the garage, in the office, or wherever a woman needs that extra boost to realize their true power.

” ‘Dangerous’ is a song about boss ladies in environments where women aren’t typically seen holding leadership positions,” AZRA tells HollywoodLife. “I wrote this song as a response to all of the different industries that mistakenly thought they could obviate the respect required for me and my female deities. The female energy in any environment is invaluable, powerful, and not to be messed with or judged by the cover. We as women should be proud and unapologetic of who we are no matter our shape, size, creed, sexuality,  passions, and field of work. I want [women] to watch the video and feel empowered, strong, brave, and own everything that you are.”

“I hope everyone can adopt my perspective, which is that it’s not surprising to see a powerful and strong woman in any place,” adds AZRA. “Let’s move forward from seeing it as the exception, and instead, see it as the norm. To represent that concept, I interviewed a group of amazing women from what others think as atypical professions and incorporated them into the video, which was an honor for me. Also, of course, we can’t forget the high energy dancing!”

Tony Barnes Jr
Tony Barnes Jr

Since releasing her debut EP Freedom in 2017, AZRA has been building up a loyal following with her own brand of “Substance Pop,” a sound she describes as a blend of dance, soul, and pop with a healthy dose of grunge rock and attitude added in. Citing everyone from Lady Gaga to Freddy Mercury to Madonna as influences, AZRA’s music boasts messages that are as powerful as the hooks, and she aims to make tracks that move your body while uplifting your spirit. And, as the new song and video show, she’ll also remind you just how “Dangerous” you can be when you’re smashing the patriarchy.

You can celebrate being “Dangerous” with AZRA at the single’s release party on 2/29 at Madame Siam in Hollywood, CA.