Cardi B Reveals How She Expertly Hid Her Baby Bump Before Confirming Pregnancy – Watch

So, that’s how she did it. Cardi B spilled the tea on how she was able to keep her pregnancy under wraps, thanks to a bodysuit and some clever editing.

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It’s amazing what the right camera angle can do. Angle the camera in the right direction, and doubles chins, wrinkles, and — in the case of Cardi B — pregnant bellies suddenly disappear. The “Up” rapper, who shook the music world when she debuted her baby bump at the 2021 BET Awards, showed how she was able to keep this second pregnancy a secret. In a TikTok video (that she reposted to her Instagram account on July 6). Cardi, 28, leaned against a wall while wearing a bodysuit, accented with a tan belt. The suit’s vivid print and how the belt seemingly cinched the waist created an optical illusion. Suddenly, the bump was gone. 


“Nobody’s going to know. Nobody’s going to know,” said the TikTok’s voiceover. When a dissenting voice said, “they’re gonna know,” cue Cardi showing herself from the side. Suddenly, she has a bump, and as she turns to face the camera head-on, the bump vanishes. The magic trick earned rave reviews in the comments. “This is everything,” wrote Chloe Bailey. “Cardi Keep them wondering leave em in wonderland,” added Swazzy Styles. “Fooled tf out of meeeeeee,” said one fan. “I was wondering how you did that.” “Played in our face.”

Cardi B and Offset take her baby bump out to dinner after the 2021 BETs. (Photographer Group/MEGA)

At the BET Awards on June 27, Cardi shared the news that she and her husband Offset, 29, were going to be parents for the second time. She did so by joining Offset and Migos to perform “Type Sh-t,” arriving on stage in a bejeweled bodysuit with a mesh panel over her stomach. It echoed how she confirmed her first pregnancy in 2018. Amid rumors that she was expecting, Cardi finally confirmed the news by showing off her bump for the first time while performing on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

After performing, Cardi shared a photo from a pregnancy shoot, double-confirming the fact that she’s going to be a mom for the second time. Her first child, daughter Kulture Ciara Cephus, also took part in the maternity photo shoot. In a photo posted to Cardi’s IG, Kulture – who turns 3 in July — wore a matching outfit with her mom while rubbing Cardi’s bare belly. “I just know these two will love each other soo much and argue soo much since they’re 3 years apart…just like me and [her sister, Hennessy,” added Cardi. “But one thing for sure is they’ll have each other’s back like no one else ever will.”

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