Tyrese Admits More ‘Fast & Furious’ Spinoffs Are ‘Inevitable’: The Goal Is To ‘Keep It Going’

The 'Fast & Furious' franchise is going to continue to expand. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Tyrese Gibson about spinoffs, and he revealed the 'energy' of the franchise won't be slowing down.

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Image Credit: Universal Pictures/Everett Collection

The Fast & Furious franchise is one of the most successful film franchises of all time — making over $6 billion at the box office and counting. There’s already been one Fast spinoff — Hobbs & Shaw — which opened the door for future spinoffs. HollywoodLife asked Tyrese Gibson in our EXCLUSIVE interview how he’d feel about more spinoffs.

“I think when it comes to spinoffs, they are inevitable,” Tyrese told HollywoodLife. “I just think they are. I mean, if you look at the blueprint of the Avengers, they kind of did it backward. They launched all of these individual characters, individual franchises, and then they put them all together for The Avengers. We are starting off together and then the goal at a certain point is to break things up. To keep the energy and real estate of The Fast & the Furious and keep it going. The reverse engineering is the concept, so I can’t confirm or deny a Roman and Tej spinoff, but I will say when they give me permission to have conversations about the goal and the vision on how to keep this Fast & the Furious energy going, whether it is TV shows or video games or whatever the plans are, which is all above my pay grade, then I will speak on it.”

Tyrese with other ‘Fast & Furious’ cast members. (Universal Pictures/Everett Collection)

He wouldn’t speak about a Roman Pearce spinoff, but he did voice his support for an all-female Fast movie. “I would love to see that, too!” he said. His co-star, Ludacris, previously called for an all-female Fast film.

“The girls need a spin-off,” Ludacris said on SiriusXM’s Town Hall. “That’s what needs a spin-off. All the badass, kick-ass women that are in this film, that’s who deserves it.”

Tyrese in ‘F9,’ the ninth film in the franchise. (Universal Pictures/Everett Collection)

F9 will hit theaters on June 25, and the final two Fast films in the original franchise have already been greenlit. HollywoodLife asked Tyrese if he’d like to see old Fast & Furious faces come back for the 10th and 11th films.

“Well, of course,” Tyrese said. “I think if there is a such thing as a Fast family, I think from the Eva Mendes to everyone who has ever played with us and played in the sandbox, I think it’s an open-door policy or season if you ask me.”