‘The Challenge’ Preview: TJ Shocks The All-Stars With Final Challenge Rules — ‘It’s No Joke’

In this exclusive sneak peek at May 20 episode of 'The Challenge: All Stars,' the 12 finalists learn just how brutal their final challenge will really be!

Twelve finalists will compete for $500,000 on the May 20 episode of The Challenge: All Stars, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of what’s to come in the grueling final challenge. Even though this was a much shorter season than we’re used to from The Challenge, the final seems to be just as brutal. Host TJ Lavin explains what the finalists can expect in this sneak peek.

“You’ve all done what it takes to get this far, but the hard part starts now,” he tells the remaining cast members. “This final is no joke. You’re going to run the gauntlet and find out who the best of the best really is. Whoever wins this final challenge, you’ll be taking home $500,000 — life-changing money for the champion. You’re very close — so close you can smell it.”

the challenge all stars cast
The cast of ‘The Challenge: All Stars.’ (MTV)

TJ then confirms that the final challenge will take place “over the next couple of days,” which immediately has the cast with their jaws on the floor. Like many of the regular-season Challenge finals, this is going to be an overnight event. “I was in labor with my daughter for 20 hours. If I can do that for 20 hours, I can do this for however long it’s going to take,” Jonna Mannion promises.

“You’re going to be racing with a series of checkpoints throughout,” TJ continues. “Each checkpoint is a mini challenge. Each mini challenge is worth points — five points for first place, four points for second, and so on. You will have a new partner of the opposite sex every mini challenge. You can never have the same partner twice. You have to work with everyone. At any point ,if you or your partner can’t finish, you’re both out.”

There’s another bombshell, though. “The last place team at checkpoint two is OUT,” TJ reveals. “So I really hope you’re nurturing those relationships so you ensure your partner is going to work as hard as they can — because their success is your success. At the end of the race, I’ll be adding up all your points to find out who will be crowned champion on this season of The Challenge: All Stars and who’s taking home $500,000.”

The Challenge: All Stars brought back veteran and OG players from The Real World and Road Rules franchises to compete once again. Some of the competitors have not been on a Challenge in more than a decade. The show is streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

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