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Omarion Reveals The Yeti Costume On ‘Masked Singer’ Was 60 Extra Pounds: ‘It Was Intense’

Omarion was revealed as the Yeti during 'The Masked Singer' semi-finals. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Omarion about his transformation and what it was like performing on stage with 60 extra pounds.

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The Yeti made a grand entrance on The Masked Singer as one of the wildcard contestants. Singer Omarion was revealed as the Yeti after the final four performances during the May 19 episode. HollywoodLife got the chance to speak EXCLUSIVELY with Omarion before the big reveal about stepping into the Yeti’s very big shoes.

“It’s 60 extra pounds to perform in that,” Omarion revealed. “It was intense. A lot of people from the outside looking in don’t know how strenuous performing with a 60-pound costume. I automatically started thinking about all of the characters at Disneyland and how they have to put these outfits on and take these little breaks and stuff. I was immediately thinking like, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m wearing a helmet, an extra pair of arms and legs.’ It was very interesting. But nonetheless, I really had a good time transforming into the Yeti.”

Omarion as the Yeti. (FOX)

Even though he had 60 pounds added for every performance, the Grammy-nominated singer didn’t show it. He effortlessly danced and sang hits from Justin Bieber, Rascal Flatts, and more. Omarion admitted that his workout regimen came in handy when he became the Yeti.

“I keep a consistent program in my life when it comes to working out,” Omarion said. “Right before COVID happened, I actually was on tour. We were on the Millennium tour — myself and Bow — we only got to do five shows. So I keep a workout regimen. I actually do work out with a weighted vest, so once I take the weighted vest off it was kind of like floating in the air. I guess I was preparing myself for this, and I didn’t even know. I’m pretty in shape, so I did my best. But there were some times when I needed to step on over to the side because the Yeti was very restricted head to toe.”

The Yeti with Nick Cannon. (FOX)

Omarion fully admitted that it was “blazing” inside the Yeti costume. It also wasn’t easy to perform because of the Yeti’s large feet! “I guess my walk was a little bit bigger than normal because the Yeti was like a size 14 or something like that. I wear a size 9, so imagine a size 9 walking in a size 14 shoe,” Omarion said.

The singer revealed that Omarion and his family have been “avid supporters” of the show. He said the Masked Singer gig was “perfect timing.” In addition to Omarion’s reveal as the Yeti, Jenny McCarthy’s husband Donnie Wahlberg was revealed as Cluedle-Doo! The Chameleon, Piglet, and Black Swan will be moving on to the season 5 finale, which will air May 26 on FOX.