Lance Bass Perfectly Performs Dance From NSYNC’s ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ Video For May

Your move, Timberlake! Lance Bass nailed all the moves from NSYNC's 'It's Gonna Be Me' music video on TikTok, just in time for May 1. Break out the memes.

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There are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and the “It’s Gonna Be May” meme popping up on April 30. Lance Bass leaned into the unofficial holiday by recreating all of the choreography to NSYNC‘s “It’s Gonna Be Me” music video by himself. It’s been 21 years, and yet Lance still knows every move perfectly. Justin Timberlake is shaking.


It’s NationalDanceDay, so I’m gonna need y’all to duet this for #ItsGonnaBeMay Day tomorrow!! #Choreo #RamenNoodles #NSYNC #FYP

♬ It’s Gonna Be Me (It’s Gonna Be May) – *NSYNC

Compare Lance’s TikTok to the original 2000 music video above and dare to say you can spot a difference in the choreography. Yes, Lance is at home in his PJs while dancing, but he crushed it. The singer, 41, poked fun at his former bandmate, Justin, by tagging the post #RamenNoodles. Ask an elder millennial to tell you about how everyone (lovingly) said that Justin’s hair sprayed curls plastered to his head looked like ramen if this hashtag doesn’t make sense.

The “It’s Gonna Be May” meme originated on Tumblr in 2012 when user amyricha posted a photo of Justin from his NSYNC days including that phrase. It’s poking fun at how whenever the “SexyBack” artist says the word “me” in the song, it sounds like “may.” Cue everyone on the internet posting on April 30.

You know, like when people post “time to wake up Billie Joe Armstrong!” when September ends? As for if we’ll ever see all the NSYNC guys reunite to do the choreography together, that’s up in the air. Lance did tell us in 2019 that they have an album that was never released during their boy band days. “There‘s a lot of songs written for it,” he dished. “Those songs are old now, so I don’t know if we could we… I don’t know, who knows if we‘ll ever do more music together.”