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Lance Bass Reveals Why Now Is The ‘Perfect Time’ For An NSYNC Residency

Lance Bass thinks there's no better time than the present for NSYNC to reunite for a residency, he told us EXCLUSIVELY!

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Lance Bass
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NSYNC fans, there’s still hope for an actual reunion. Lance Bass tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the iconic boy band is interested in doing a residency, like many a 90s star before them, and he thinks that now’s the perfect time to make it happen. While the guys have never really talked about a residency in the past, “ever since Coachella we have gotten tons of offers,” Lance said, referring to their epic performance with Ariana Grande.

“So, we are actually looking at everything coming our way. I would definitely say that it’s not out of the cards for us to do something,” Lance told us at the Environmental Media Awards. “The perfect time to do something with NSYNC, I think, is now.” You heard the man! And his reason for wanting to do so is utterly sweet. He’s looking out for the fans, first and foremost. “Not only would it be great to make music, our fans [could] enjoy a final concert because they never got that. And make people smile.” Gen Z can’t possibly understand how devastating it was for us Millennials to be denied an NSYNC farewell, and how important this would be!

“What I loved about our group 20 years ago was that we always had a great positive message,” Lance continued. “And I think more than anything I would like to have a good influence in the world and give someone something positive to think about for a few minutes. I think that it is important to make people happy right now.” You know what would make people happy? Seeing NSYNC reunited. “You know I do love the stage,” he added, laughing.


And don’t worry; you’ll be the first to know if the guys really do get back together. “We will definitely tell people if it is happening or not but we have to talk and figure it out,” Lance assured us.