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‘Mighty Ducks’ OG Cast Reveals They’d Love To ‘Come Back’ For Another Reunion On ‘Game Changers’

Quack attack! Original cast members of 'The Mighty Ducks' movies return for the reboot and spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about returning for future episodes, the new kids, and more.

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The Mighty Ducks
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The April 30 episode of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers will feature an epic reunion. Elden Henson’s Fulton, Matt Doherty’s Averman, Vincent La Russo’s Adam Banks, Marguerite Moreau’s Connie, Garette Henson’s Guy, and Justin Wong’s Kenny Wu are returning and reuniting with the one and only Gordon Bombay. HollywoodLife got the chance to speak EXCLUSIVELY with the original cast members about being a Duck again and whether they’d return for more episodes down the road.

“I’ll do whatever they ask,” Elden told HollywoodLife. “Whatever they ask I will do. I am so forever grateful. To be a part of this… I felt humbled to be asked back. I feel very satisfied with that. It was a great experience but, of course, whatever they ask, I would love to. I am so happy and proud of these new kids. They are all great little actors, and I have been lucky to be a part of it in some sort of way. So, whatever they ask, I am down.”

The Mighty Ducks
Original ‘Mighty Ducks’ stars Marguerite Moreau, Justin Wong, Vincent LaRusso, Elden Henson, Garette Henson, and Matt Doherty. (Disney+)

Vincent said, “If they ask us back again, I would want to come back because the show is really good. And it is fun to be on a really fun show.” Justin added, “I would definitely come back, but when I first read about the series being filmed in Vancouver, the first thing I did was reach out to Jordan [Kerner] and Steve [Brill]. I didn’t even care if I was in the show, but if anybody else is then please let me know because I want to hang out, I want to take them out, I want to show them the town and go to lunch and all that sort of stuff. For them to ask us back was an honor and, if they ask us again, I wouldn’t say no. Having said that, these new kids are amazing. They definitely deserve the torch, and I think for any capacity for any of us that come back, I think the little bit that we do in that one episode is more than enough.”

Garette echoed Justin’s sentiments about the new class of kids. “The new kids definitely deserve the torch, so I am happy to pass it. If they need me to run with them for a little while that would be great, but I think we are all happy to pass the torch and they hold it well,” he said.

The Mighty Ducks
The first ‘Mighty Ducks’ movie premiered in 1992. (Everett Collection)

The first Mighty Ducks movie was released in 1992. The movie became a massive hit and spawned two successful sequels. The Disney+ reboot follows a new group of hockey-playing underdogs. Elden gushed that coming back to the role of Fulton nearly 30 years later was such a “surreal” experience. He noted that “reconnecting with Emilio [Estevez] was probably the biggest thrill for me and to be able to tell him just what a positive impact he had on me. I am very grateful that I had him for someone to look up to and have him show me how to carry myself on set and treat everyone with the same respect. You have a good time, but you get the work done, and it was a real joy to let him know how much I appreciated him.”

Mighty Ducks
The original ‘Mighty Ducks’ cast with the ‘Game Changers’ cast. (Disney+)

The original cast members are even hitting the ice in the new episode of the Disney+ series. Marguerite teased that the reunion of the original Ducks and Gordon is a “beautiful way” to pass the torch. “When you hear the horns and the Zamboni come out, you get all the feels. It is something I know so well, and it feels so good and like a family. But it did also feel if it is the last time that we see these characters, then it was a beautiful way to pass the torch to the next generation!” New episodes of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers drop Fridays on Disney+.