Brad Pitt’s Ex Reveals Her ‘First Impression’ Of Him & In ‘True Hollywood Story’ Sneak Peek

Brad Pitt's ex-girlfriend E.G. Daily reveals what the heartthrob was like in his 'up and coming' days in this EXCLUSIVE preview of his 'True Hollywood Story.'

Brad Pitt
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“My first impression of Brad [Pitt] was that he was a very deep-souled guy,” actress E.G. Daily says in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of Brad Pitt: True Hollywood Story. “He was very up and coming. I just knew that he was super cute, and there were a lot of things that we connected on.”

Brad and E.G. began dating a year after his relationship with Jill Schoelen fell apart. True Hollywood Story explains that Brad went to visit Jill on the set of her movie in Hungary, and she told him she had fallen in love with the director of the film. They were engaged at the time.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt in 1989. (Shutterstock)

After that, Brad bounced back with E.G. The couple ended their romantic relationship in 1988, but they remained friends. “I think he was really intense about his work,” E.G. continues. “When you saw him, it was more like seething in him underneath. What I could feel from him was a really strong, visceral drive towards something really big.”

At the time, Brad was looking for a breakout role after “light-hearted” gigs. He played a drug-addicted pimp in the TV movie Too Young To Die. Susan Glicksman, the casting director for Too Young To Die, admits that Brad was “baby-faced” when he walked into the audition room. She didn’t think he was going to be right for the role. “But his reading was unbelievable,” she reveals. “He got into the character, and there was no one else that read anywhere near as well as he did.”

E.G. Daily
E.G. Daily talking about her ex Brad Pitt on ‘True Hollywood Story.’ (E!)

The synopsis for Brad Pitt: True Hollywood Story reads: “true Hollywood icon and hearthrob, Brad Pitt rose to superstar status. He battled his way to the top and faced some tough personal challenges. Interviews with Brad’s ex-girlfriend, E.G. Daily, co-star, Michael Rapaport and insiders speak to his tribulations and becoming the best version of himself. ” The episode airs April 18 at 10 p.m. ET on E! 

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