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Carey Mulligan’s Husband Marcus Mumford Hilariously Crashes Her ‘SNL’ Monologue With His Guitar

Marcus Mumford showed up during wife Carey Mulligan's 'SNL' debut and couldn't resist trying to sing a song or two!

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Carey Mulligan, 35, made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live! The Pride & Prejudice actress stunned in a pink silk suit with a cropped blazer as she addressed the audience at Studio 8H that just happened to include her husband Marcus Mumford of the band Mumford & Sons. After she finished explaining that he was at home with their kids Evelyn, 5, and Wilfred, 3, he hilariously popped up to interrupt monologue. “It’s me Marcus Mumford, from the Mumford & Sons,” he declared to a confused Carey.

“What a surprise, lovely to see you — where are the kids?” she questioned, clearly confused. “I left them with the sons! I couldn’t miss this! You’re going to smash it! SNL!” he exclaimed back, before getting right down to business: “Do you know if they booked a musical guest for tonight?” (Kid Cudi, 37, was booked for the episode). “Yes. Quite sure,” Carey responded point blank, as Marcus pulled out his guitar. “I think we’ve got it covered…thank you, darling,” Carey added as he began playing anyway.

Marcus reasoned that he thought Carey was “giving” him a “signal” — “our secret couple signal for please play the guitar?” he pondered. “We are not that couple!…Do you remember the bit at the end of the monologue where we say we the show is going to be great — do you want to play the guitar for that bit?” she offered as he rushed down to the stage.

In a promo ahead of the episode, Carey ended up with a new nickname! Kenan Thompson dubbed himself as “Adult Kenan,” before calling his host for the week “Little Baby Angel Carey.” She didn’t seem to mind, noting she wants “everyone has to call me that from now on!” Kid Cudi, 37, also made his debut on the NBC sketch series a year after the release Man on the Moon III: The Chosen. He also just dropped a remix of “Memories” with David Guetta in January.

In the next take from the promo, Carey took aim at both Kid Cudi and Kenan. “Carey, your movies are pretty serious. Are you ready to loosen up with us?” Kenan questioned. “Kenan, I’m ever so glad you asked,” the two time Golden Globe winner responded, as dramatic music began playing. “We’ve all been through so much this year, but I must tell you with God as my witness…I’m ready –…” she trailed off, before cutting the dramatics. “Yeah, I’m kidding. I’m not like that,” she noted as Kid Cudi wiped a tear from his eye.”That was riveting though,” the rapper hilariously responded.