‘Mama June’ Recap: Geno Doak Crashes June Shannon’s Reunion With Daughter Pumpkin

On this week's episode of 'Mama June: Road To Redemption', Geno Doak did something unexpected that no one saw coming.

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This week’s new episodes of Mama June: Road To Redemption was an emotional one. It also delivered some jaw-dropping moments, but before we get to those, we need to rehash what went down when Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon reunited with their mom, Mama June, for the first time in over a year.

With the help of therapist Dr. Ish, Mama June sat down with her daughters for a conversation that went down several months after she and boyfriend Geno Doak put an end to their drug habit and completed a stay at a rehab center in Florida. So it wasn’t easy for Alana or Pumpkin to share their feelings about how absent June has been for a very long time.

To start, Pumpkin told June that it was really hard for her when the family took a step back from June amidst her addiction struggles. “You were always, ‘It’s us girls, it’s us girls,’ and then it really was just us girls. It really was just me now, taking care of Alana, Jessica, Ella,” Pumpkin said. “I’ve matured, but it’s also been overwhelming dealing with it too because I had to grow up a lot more than I wanted to. I can’t pick up and be like, I’m gonna go here tonight with my friends because the majority of them don’t want to hang out with me because I have Ella and I don’t want to leave Alana at home.”

Dr. Ish made it very clear that June’s habits “robbed” her daughters of a normal life.

“I try to smile through it, act like it doesn’t affect me because I don’t want Alana being upset, I don’t need Ella coming up to me being like, ‘Mama, why are you upset?'” Pumpkin continued. “I can’t let my guard down because I gotta take care of the kids. There’s no taking care of myself.”

Unfortunately for the girls, June got very defensive throughout the conversation and at one point said, “Knowing that y’all chose to walk away, I’m not gonna lie to y’all, I was kinda pissed”. But Dr. Ish made it clear that that “sickest” people involved in drug addiction are those who are loving the addict — even if from afar.

Then, things got even more emotional when Alana broke down in tears while talking about all the special moments in her life that June missed. Plus, she said that she always worried her mom would overdose and die — half the time she didn’t even know if her mom was still living. It was hard to watch, but some progress was made, and Pumpkin agreed to meet with June again soon — however, she made it very clear that she still wants nothing to do with Geno.

So Pumpkin was definitely taken aback when Geno crashed her second meeting with June at the park. Especially because Pumpkin chose to reward June by bringing her daughter Ella to the visit. How could June do such a thing? “Mama, WTF?!” Pumpkin yelled in the last few seconds of this week’s episode. June seemed shocked by Geno’s abrupt arrival, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see whether or not this ambush was planned.

In other Road To Redemption news, Pumpkin’s husband Josh tried persuading Alana to go see her dad, Sugar Bear, since he’s been trying to get in contact with her. Sugar Bear’s wife, Jennifer, also heard that June was back in town, and since Sugar Bear had been going on mystery drives (she was unaware that he had been trying to find Alana), she wondered whether or not Sugar Bear could be cheating on her with June.

Want more drama? New episodes of Mama June: Road To Redemption air Fridays at 9pm on WE tv.

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