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Jill Biden Dresses As A Flight Attendant To Play Hilarious April Fools Prank On Air Force One

Joe Biden's wife, Dr. Jill Biden, got into the spirit of April Fools' Day by playing a hilarious prank on press members aboard Air Force One.

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Jill Biden had some fun with the press pool and staff on Air Force One on April Fools’ Day! It’s been reported that the First Lady disguised herself as a flight attendant to have some fun with people aboard the presidential aircraft on April 1 during a flight from California back to Washington D.C. She went all-out for the prank, even donning a wig, fake name tag and pseudo uniform to pull it off.

“During meal service on the trip back, a flight attendant with short black hair — wearing a black pants suit, black face mask, and a name badge reading Jasmine — walked through staff, Secret Service and press cabins passing out Dove ice cream bars,” the report revealed. “About five minutes after she made her way through, Anthony Bernal and Michael LaRosa came back to the press cabin laughing. ‘April Fools,’ FLOTUS said.”

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Jill Biden giving a speech in a white dress adorned with lemons. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP/Shutterstock)

The reporter confirmed that the press pool was “totally fooled,” but revealed that even Jill’s own staff had no idea it was her in the disguise. “Bernal and LaRosa reassured the pool they were just as surprised when “Jasmine” revealed her true identity to them,” the report continued. “The pool laughed. FLOTUS, laughing and visibly pleased with her prank, returned to her cabin. The ice cream bars — vanilla with a hard chocolate coating — were delicious.”

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Jill Biden holds hands with Joe Biden at an event. (Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Most celebrities seemed to take a break from April Fools’ Day due to the continued devastation of the coronavirus this year. However, Jill playing a lighthearted joke after a long day for all members aboard Air Force One definitely seemed to be appreciated. After news of her prank went viral, Twitter blew up with people praising her for having some fun.

“Have I mentioned how much I love having this fun and happy woman as our First Lady?” one person tweeted. Another added, “Love her,” and someone else wrote, “I love this, and her,” regarding the prank.