‘Shark Tank’ Preview: Kevin O’Leary Shuts Down A Pitch — ‘You Must Stop This’

Two entrepreneurs get off on the wrong foot with the Sharks in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 12 episode of 'Shark Tank.'

It’s already tough enough to face the Sharks, but when you make a bad first impression, the situation is only going to get more intense. Chase and Brian of Chill Systems make their pitch to the Sharks in the March 12 episode of Shark Tank. Their product is The Chiller, a portable beverage cooler with freezing gel that is built in.

Brian runs in with a huge bag of ice as Chase is explaining the product and slams the bag of ice on the ground. They’re seeking $150,000 for a 15% stake in their company. Mark Cuban’s first question is: what’s the cost to make each Chiller? That’s where things take a turn.

Shark Tank
Chase and Brian of ‘Chill Systems’ on ‘Shark Tank.’ (ABC)

“Our product cost is awful,” Brian says. The Sharks are stunned that Chase and Brian are starting off with such negativity in their pitch. The cost is $18 per unit. Lori Greiner asks who their #1 competitor is. “Ice,” Brian says simply.

Guest Shark Daniel Lubetsky explains that “your product has to be your hero” and “stand on its own merits.” Robert Herjavec adds that there are “so many lapses of credibility for me.”

Kevin O'Leary
Kevin O’Leary stops the entrepreneurs and slams their pitch. (ABC)

Kevin O’Leary chimes in and really puts the hammer down. “You must stop this. There is no hope. This is a really bad idea,” Kevin tells Chase and Brian. Is there any way Chill Systems can come back from this?!

The synopsis for the March 12 episode reads: “An entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York, unites veggies and humanely raised meats to create a delight for taste buds with his eco-friendly approach to sausage making. Two entrepreneurs from Los Angeles try and stay chill as they pitch their ultra-portable product designed to keep things cool. A family from San Clemente, California, boogie down into the tank and try to bring the Sharks on board their unique take on riding the waves. Finally, a father and daughter from Naperville, Illinois, offer up a stress-free solution for a common problem parents face while shopping with their newborn.” Shark Tank season 12 airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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