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‘A Million Little Things’: Allison Miller Breaks Down The Maggie Twist & Admits It ‘Shakes’ Gary Up

Well, Maggie didn't see that coming. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with 'A Million Little Things' star Allison Miller about the shocking news Maggie received.

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Surprise! Maggie Bloom is pregnant! Maggie returned to Boston for her 6-month cancer screening in the March 11 episode of A Million Little Things and found out she was pregnant. Naturally, she was left stunned. Despite reuniting with the group — sans Delilah — Maggie didn’t tell anyone about her baby news. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Allison Miller about how long Maggie will be keeping this information to herself. “I think that it can’t stay a secret for very long with this group of friends. They are so up in each other’s business all the time that it’s not going to take long,” Allison said.

So, what does this mean for Maggie and Jamie? He’s going to find out about the baby soon. “I think Maggie feels a deep responsibility to tell Jamie and that will shift things with them,” Allison told HollywoodLife. “It will be a really, really interesting thing that we’re exploring in the next few episodes.”

Chris Geere
Chris Geere stars as Jamie. (ABC)

This pregnancy is something Maggie was not expecting. Allison weighed in about how Maggie is going to handle this news. “Maggie is someone who is great at observing other people’s lives and knowing exactly what they should do, but she’s never been great at doing that for herself,” Allison said. “So this is an opportunity for her to really flex that muscle. I think that it’s just going to take a lot of time. In a way, it just feels like a drop in the bucket of everything else that’s going on in the world. So it’ll be, I think, a fairly private, quiet moment for her. I think that’s good. I think that Maggie could use some introspection and some slowing down.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maggie is going to be stuck in Boston and unable to get back to Oxford. That puts her in close proximity to her ex, Gary. HollywoodLife asked Allison how Gary will react to Maggie’s pregnancy.

“He understands the perspective of someone who has just finished chemo and all of the toll that takes on a person’s body,” Allison said. “The fact that you’re introducing a pregnancy into a person who has not fully recovered from having cancer yet, he is more aware of that than I think anyone else in the friend group on top of his feelings for Maggie. Anytime a relationship ends, you kind of think about all of the possibilities that weren’t explored, and this is one of them for Gary. I think it really shakes him up.”

Allison Miller
James Roday Rodriguez and Allison Miller as Gary and Maggie. (ABC)

Allison noted that Gary and Maggie “still have some healing to do with their relationship, and this will be a really good time for them to work on it.” However, Maggie will be “hyper-conscious of getting in between Gary and Darcy’s relationship.” She doesn’t want to start drama. “Of course, she just keeps ending up right in the middle of them and has to sort of dig herself out of awkward situations. She has the best intentions, but she’s not great at staying out of the way,” Allison admitted.

Now that Maggie is back in Boston, fans will likely wonder if it means Gary and Maggie will end up back together. For Allison, she’s Team Darcy. “I love Darcy. I’m curious to see where Maggie’s life goes, regardless of what her romantic relationships look like,” Allison said. “Maybe we’ll explore other facets of her life. But I think that her love for Gary is not going to go anywhere. I don’t think that anything is going to happen this season, and I don’t think Maggie would ever try to impinge on the relationship that Gary and Darcy have. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Jamie. I love Chris Geere. It’s hard to separate the character from the person you’re working with when you’re like, oh, but I love him and want him to be around.” A Million Little Things airs Thursdays on ABC.