Brooklyn Decker Reveals Her At-Home Workout, How She Entertains Her Kids In Lockdown & More

Brooklyn Decker opened up about how she fits in her workouts -- even on the busiest days at home with her two kids.

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Brooklyn Decker Home Workout
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Brooklyn Decker, 33, has her hands full with her son Hank Roddick, 5, and her daughter Stevie Roddick, 3. But the Grace and Frankie star still manages to make the time to workout — even if it’s just for 8 minutes a day. She revealed how she handles “daunting” days in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, while promoting the new Febreze Fade Defy Plug.

“I have really been into Melissa Wood Health. She has an app and an online platform and they are all at home workouts,” Brooklyn explained. “What I love about them is that she has workouts that are under eight minutes.”

 Brooklyn Decker Home Workout
Brooklyn Decker attends the 2019 Texas Film Awards. [Shutterstock]
“So on those days when you feel like you can’t catch up with the day or you aren’t yourself or you just feel overloaded by work or whatever it allows you to get in a few minutes,” she continued. “You feel like you have done something and that has been really big for me. So, the Melissa Wood workouts don’t feel too daunting and allow me to fit something in.”

Dancing is another way the blonde beauty keeps fit — though she admits she’s not as light on her feet as her pro-tennis-player husband Andy Roddick, 38. “My husband is actually an incredible dancer, I am not,” she revealed. “I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day, but he has been doing this thing where he has been catching me dancing and filming me because it is so embarrassing, and he has shown it to all of our friends. So he has an arsenal of some just embarrassing dancing videos of me.”

The couple, who have been married since 2009, have been sharing their love of spontaneous dance parties with their kids as a way to “blow off steam” during the COVID-19 quarantine. “We have been doing a lot of dance parties,” the model shared. “We will put on music and it is a way to get our little ones to burn physical energy and a way to blow off emotional and mental steam.”

“That kind of happened accidently on a bad quarantine day, when we all were feeling in a funk, and it has been a real game changer for us,” she continued. “It’s a fun simple way for us to have some joy. And I think it will be one of those things that we will carry with us post Covid, hopefully!”

When it comes to finding joy — and finding a use for the Febreze Fade Defy Plug — Brooklyn’s kids, and her dog, have her covered. “This is disgusting, and maybe too much information for sure, but I have an English Bulldog, which is a lot for the smell department. And I also have two kids, who think that farting is hilarious. They run up to their father, and they run up to me, and they try to fart on us whenever the opportunity presents itself,” she revealed with a laugh.

“That is something they are into. And since they aren’t around any other humans, we really have no plan on correcting it,” she admitted. “Normally you are like, ‘Don’t do that at the dinner table, or don’t do that at school!’ But we haven’t really stopped them at all, so they are uninhibitedly farting all through the house. So maybe too much information, but that is a big one right now. That is currently the phase my little ones are in right now. So, the Febreze Fade Defy Plug is really doing me some favors these days!”

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