Adam Sandler Channels His ‘Happy Gilmore’ Character To Celebrate Film’s 25th Anniversary — Watch

Adam Sandler proved Happy Gilmore still has his iconic golf swing when he shared a new video of himself recreating the character's epic move in honor of the film's 25th anniversary.

Adam Sandler
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Adam Sandler, 54, gave Happy Gilmore fans some incredible nostalgia on Feb. 16 when he took to Twitter to share a video in which he recreated the move his character was known for in the 1996 film. The actor filmed the clip to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the golf movie’s release and it showed off the fantastic swing everyone remembers. Adam dusted off his golf clubs while explaining this was the first time he had attempted the swing “in 25 years” in the fun video.

“Let’s see what happens,” he continued before also calling out Shooter McGavin, the golfer his character beat to win the gold jacket after being down by four strokes in the movie. “Shooter McGavin, this is for you,” he said while going full force into the impressive swing and proving he’s still got it. “I’m not lying to you. That is smashed. Smashed. That went pretty well. You’re dead, Shooter!”

Adam also gave a shout out to fans of the comedy in the caption for the tweet. “Happy loves you all!” he wrote. “Thanks for everything!”

Shortly after he published the headline-making tweet, Ben Stiller, who played Hal L. in the film, responded in character, which can be seen above. “That’s a beautiful swing Mr. Gilmore. Congrats on your anniversary, and being such a loving grandson. So happy to be a small part of taking good care of her during her ‘golden years’,” he wrote along with a winking face emoji.

In addition to Ben, fans responded to Adam’s awesome post with their excitement about the recreated move. “You still got it/“it’s all in the hips”! Thank you VERY much for everything you do…will continue to represent Happy for life!” one fan wrote. “Way to go Happy!” another exclaimed.

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore in the 1996 film of the same name. (MEGA)

Others expressed their desire for a sequel to the film and even gave some ideas on what the plot could be. “Hear me out, Happy Gilmore 2. It’s 25 years later, Happy learns he has a son from his wild days on the tour that he never knew existed. The son actually turns out to be a stud hockey player who takes an odd slapshot that Happy notices on TV,” a fan wrote.

Happy Gilmore was released on Feb. 16, 1996 and also starred Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, Frances Bay, Carl Weathers, Allen Covert, Kevin Nealon, and even had a special appearance by Bob Barker.

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