Dan Levy Apologizes For ‘Accidentally Eating’ One Of The M&Ms In New Super Bowl Commercial

What better way to say ‘oops, I ate one of your friends’ than with chocolate? Dan Levy stars in M&M’s Super Bowl LV commercial and shows how nice it is to say ‘I’m sorry’ with something sweet.

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Accidentally share too much during your weekly confessional? Apologize with some M&Ms. Have a baby’s sex reveal party blows up in the expecting couple’s face? Say you’re sorry with some M&Ms. Feel bad that you called someone a “Karen,” and do you feel even worse when you find out that’s their real name? But out the candy. Happen to be the creator and star of the critically-acclaimed sitcom Schitt’s Creek, and you might have devoured one of America’s most beloved mascots? Be like Dan Levy, and apologize with a bag of M&Ms. This is the message at the heart of the candy’s commercial for Super Bowl LV. In a world full of heightened anxiety and seemingly endless frustration, it seems adding a little bit of milk chocolate will help smooth things over.

Though, Dan apologizing to the Green and Brown M&M raises some dark questions about this universe. Which one of the M&Ms did David Rose eat? Has anyone heard from the Blue M&M lately? What about the one that sounds like David Cross? Did Yellow make it – seriously, someone check on Yellow!

“I always try to take part in well-intentioned campaigns with brands that align with my sense of humor, so this ad was a perfect fit,” Levy said in a statement. “One of the things I loved most about this campaign was the message about how something small—like sharing M&M’s—can help bring people together.”

Speaking of bringing people together, 50,000 lucky fans got a chance to preview the ad before its release. In a sign of the times, the spot (created by BBDO New York) was unveiled via a live event on Zoom. The Yellow M&M hosted the event, so fans will have to watch a replay of the event to see what – if anything – happened to him.

“M&M’S is a fun and colorful brand – so tapping into that humor to help us laugh and feel more connected to each other felt very right this year,” said Sarah Long, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley North America, in a press release. “Of course, having Dan bring his incredible talent and comedic wit only makes the story stronger. The new commercial is a great extension of our Mars Wrigley’s purpose to create better moments that make the world smile.”