Four Tiny Maya Rudolphs Harmonize While Riding Ponies In Klarna’s Adorable Super Bowl Ad

What’s better than one regular-sized Maya Rudolph? Not much, but four ‘quarter-sized’ cowboy Mayas are just as great in Klarna’s Super Bowl LV commercial.

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Somewhere, Nancy Sinatra is smiling, because Maya Rudolph – along with Maya Rudolph, Maya Rudolph, and…Maya Rudolph — covered “These Boots Are Made For Walking” for Klarna’s Super Bowl LV ad. In the spot, airing during the big game on Sept. 7, four tiny Mayas ride into town on the back of four pygmy ponies. As they mosey by a pair of onlookers, the Maya-nificent Four spot a treasure better than theLost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. “That’s a mighty fine pair of boots,” says Maya No. 4. “Let’s get those boots,” says Maya No. 3. And from there, each Maya offers one of the four payments, with Maya No. 4 feeling herself. After all, if you’re going to get Maya for your Super Bowl commercial, you might as well have her bust out the Beyoncé, right?

“It was an honor to work alongside three of the tiniest, most gifted, most incredible co-stars,” Maya said in a statement. “Honestly, this might have been the best cast I’ve ever been a part of, and I think the results speak for themselves. Thank you, Klarna, for the partnership on my first Big Game commercial.”

What a cast!

While absurdity is no stranger to American advertisements – just ask anyone who’s seen a Skittles ad in the last two decades – there’s some method behind this mini-Maya madness. Klarna is a Swedish shopping and payments service. The four Mayas represent Klarna’s “Pay in 4,” which allows customers to shop anywhere online and pay in four interest-free payments. Klarna continues to build a presence in the U.S., offering “inspiration, perks, and convenience to more than 15 million US users and 90 million globally, with more than 6,000 retail partners,” stateside, according to a press release.

“As a brand and business, we’ve always stood at the crossroads of culture and commerce. This event represents one of the biggest cultural and sporting moments of the year, and our involvement is an exciting milestone for Klarna,” said David Sandstrom, Klarna’s Chief Marketing Officer, in a press release correlating with the new spot. “As our phenomenal growth in the US has shown, consumers are looking for a better way to shop and pay, so we’re excited to showcase how Klarna delivers that in ‘The Four Quarter-Sized Cowboys’.”

“We’ve always sought to challenge the status quo,” he adds, “and our Big Game debut is no exception. We knew this creative  required someone extraordinary, and we were thrilled to tap Maya’s humor, musicality, and style not just once, but four times over, to bring our definition-defying cowboys to life.”

Though the commercial has been posted online, fans can watch it during Super Bowl LV. It’ll air during the…fourth quarter…because, of course it is.