Jenny Mollen Reveals What ‘Keeps The Flame Alive’ With Jason Biggs In Their 13-Year Marriage

They always say to find someone who can make you laugh! Jenny Mollen told HL that her husband Jason Biggs' sense of humor keeps her in love with him!

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Image Credit: Godiva

Both Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs have epic sense of humors, and it’s clear than after 13 years of marriage, they still know how to make each other laugh on a daily basis. While chatting exclusively with, Jenny dished on what makes their marriage great, and Jason even chirped in the background adding to his wife’s sentiments, while cracking some jokes himself. “He’s just very funny, I think that keeps me…” Jenny started, when Jason jumped in with a quip that made his wife laugh. “This is very uncomfortable! You’re like a bird on my shoulder! You’re funny, baby. It’s like you always sort of win me back over, even when I hate you. Right? That’s really what it is!” Jenny continued.

The couple, who married in 2008, will be hosting The Love Line on Godiva’s Instagram Live, where consumers can ask any and all questions of the beloved duo. From recommendations on gifts, to ways to make the holiday feel special, they’ll help consumers navigate Valentine’s Day this year on February 4, 2021 at 12pm EST. When it comes to Jenny and Jason’s personal Valentine’s Day plans, well, they’re doing what they can to make it romantic, while also taking care of their two youngsters.

“We haven’t had any date nights in quarantine. I literally haven’t been away from my children since October 2018,” the mom of two told HL. “We went to a hotel recently and my kids were just beside themselves! my son was like, ‘Mommy, did your parents ever go out and leave you alone?’ And I was like, said ‘One day, I’ll tell you about my childhood, but right now is not the time.'” 

For the 14th, Jenny admitted it will be a “breakfast in bed” holiday special for she and her husband, with Jason doing the cooking while Jenny “oversees” the kitchen. “Jason as a chef likes to go a little like overboard… He starts with a good idea, but then in the execution, he just kind of like overdoses,” she laughed. “He has the perfect recipe and then suddenly it just goes to a place of extreme. So I’ll oversee it.”

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