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Trump Reportedly Stiffing Giuliani On Bills For Trying To Overturn Election & Twitter’s Not Surprised

After Rudy Giuliani failed at the pointless task of trying to overturn the election, Donald Trump has reportedly instructed his aides not to pay any of his personal lawyer's legal fees.

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Donald Trump‘s reputation for stiffing his workers precedes him. Whether it’s workers building his casinos, brokers selling his properties, or waiters serving his meals, the president bails before a bill can ever reach him. And now, Rudy Giuliani reportedly joins that unfortunate list. As an “isolated and angry” Trump storms around the White House in the wake of his second impeachment, the president has reportedly told aides not to pay his personal lawyer’s legal fees, according to the Washington Post.


The Borat 2 star has been one of Trump’s most ardent supporters, from the moment he announced his candidacy in 2015. But with Giuliani failing to overturn the 2020 presidential election, despite complaining about voter fraud and leading glamorous press conferences at the Four Seasons… Total Landscaping, their relationship is reportedly splintering.

If Trump does decide to pay Giuliani, who asked for $20,000 a day, he will personally decide what to reimburse, the Washington Post reports. In other words: Giuliani is apparently about to find out that he was working pro bono this entire time. Twitter users were reveling in this little dose of schadenfreude after a miserable week in DC. “Trump not paying #RudyGiuliani may not be the best idea depending on what Giuliani knows,” one Twitter user wrote, adding the laughing emoji.

“There is no possible funnier outcome to the relationship between Giuliani and Trump than this one,” Reply All host Alex Goldman tweeted. “Damn Trump isn’t gonna pay Rudy Giuliani’s legal fees,” another Twitter user posted while including a gif of Giuliani wiping melted hair dye off his face. “Trump stiffing Giuliani on legal fees is a thing that is perfect and frankly a lot of fun,” American Horror Story star Leslie Grossman wrote.