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Nancy Pelosi Fans Love Her ‘Little Black Impeachment Dress’ & Notice She Wore It For Trump’s 1st Trial — Pics

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made a strong statement as she repeated her 2019 ensemble to once again impeach President Donald Trump.

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Nancy Pelosi
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Nancy Pelosi, 80, just went viral on social media for her strategic outfit choice to impeach Donald Trump on Jan. 13. The Speaker of the House poignantly wore the same black sheath dress she sported when she impeached him on Dec. 18, 2019. The Twitter verse applauded the knee-length black number — which also includes a three-quarter length sleeve — quickly dubbing it her “impeachment dress.”

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi wears the same black sheath dress to impeach Donald Trump that she wore in 2019 on Jan. 13, 2021. (AP)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Nancy added a floral face mask to the look, but once again repeated the statement gold necklace. “Put ya impeachment dress on,” one fan wrote, including a hilarious .GIF of Beyoncé‘s 2006 tune “Freakum Dress.” Another posted, “I KNOW this shouldn’t be the focus but Nancy Pelosi in the same dress for both impeachments is the exact kind of trolling our grandmothers taught us and the exact kind of business I am here for.” There was one change: Nancy opted not to repeat her gold pin which is in the shape of the Mace of the United States House of Representatives pin. The symbol is meant to represent for strength and unity.

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi on Dec. 18, 2019 — the date of Donald Trump’s first impeachment. (AP)

Others called the look her “funeral dress” and “iconic,” hilariously adding that it was her “#GoodLuck Dress!” It’s safe to say that the memorable ensemble will be remembered in history, especially given that Trump is the only President of the United States to ever be impeached twice. In 1998, President Bill Clinton was impeached, as well as Andrew Johnson way back in 1868. “That outfit has been worn at half of all impeachments in US history,” another quipped.

Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on January 13 on one article of “incitement of insurrection,” with Nancy announcing the tally as 232 yea and 197 nay. The move came after a violent Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill where hundreds stormed the Congress building in Washington, D.C., forcing the House floor to be evacuated. Five people were killed as a result of the violence that left Nancy’s office vandalized. A mirror in the 80-year-old’s office was shattered and her office nameplate removed.

“The president must be impeached, and I believe the president must be convicted by the Senate, a constitutional remedy that will ensure that the Republic will be safe from this man, who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold dear and that hold us together,” Nancy said from the House floor. “It gives me no pleasure to say this. It breaks my heart. It should break your heart. It should break all of our hearts…he must go,” she also said.

Just as Nancy signed the impeachment papers, Donald Trump returned to Twitter via the official White House account for a speech of his own. “No true supporter of mine could endorse political violence. No true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great American flag,” he said, not addressing the impeachment news at all.