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Meghan McCain Debuts New Center Part Bob On ‘The View’ After Giving Birth: Before & After Pics

While appearing on the Jan. 6 episode of 'The View,' Meghan McCain showed off a brand new hairstyle, trading in her long locks for a sleek bob!

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Image Credit: ABC

Meghan McCain has a new baby AND a new hairdo! For her third day back on The View after maternity leave, Meghan showed up with a sleek new hairstyle. Her hair was cut into a short bob and parted down the middle, with the locks perfectly straight as they framed her face. Viewers are used to seeing Meghan with much longer hair, so this was quite a drastic change!

meghan mccain
Meghan McCain showing off her shorter hair on ‘The View.’ (ABC)

Meghan gave birth to her first child — a daughter named Liberty — at the end of September. After becoming a mom, she took her three month maternity leave before returning to the show on Jan. 4. During her return episode, Meghan shared photos of Liberty for the very first time, and viewers couldn’t get over how adorable the tiny tot was!

Throughout her pregnancy, Meghan appeared on The View, but was very careful to keep her baby bump hidden from the cameras. In fact, she didn’t ever reveal a shot of her pregnancy belly until December, two months after Liberty was born. In August, Meghan took to her Instagram Story to explain why she was being so private about her pregnancy.

meghan mccain
Meghan McCain with longer hair before her new look. (ABC)

“I’m sorry I’m still not sharing pics of my baby bump — there are a lot of cruel things written about me in the press on an almost constant/daily basis,” Meghan admitted. “Normally I just let it go because it comes with the territory of being an outspoken conservative woman on TV, but I’ve felt intensely protective and private over this time in my life and the privacy of my child. I hope all the wonderful people who are so supportive and kind understand.”

While Meghan has a lot to celebrate right now, she’s also been back in the hot seat since returning as the conservative voice on The View. During the show’s Jan. 5 episode, she was called out by co-host, Joy Behar, who was not pleased when Meghan interrupted her during one segment. “Excuse me, I’m not done!” Joy said. When Meghan made a joke about how much Joy must’ve missed fighting with her while she was on maternity leave, Joy fired back, “I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.” Ouch!