Ivanka Trump Gets Dragged On Twitter After Tagging Meatloaf In New Pic With Dad Donald

Ivanka Trump confused Twitter users when she tagged the singer Meat Loaf in a new photograph of her and her dad Donald Trump aboard Air Force One during their flight to Dalton, GA for a rally.

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Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Meat Loaf
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Ivanka Trump, 39, and her dad Donald Trump, 74, are on their way to Georgia to rally ahead of the important Senatorial runoff election and the former raised eyebrows on Twitter when she surprisingly tagged Meat Loaf, 73, in a new photo. The daughter of the president was smiling in a selfie that showed her father on his phone in the background while aboard Air Force One in the Jan. 4 tweet, and although she captioned it with information, she didn’t bring up why she included the singer’s name in her added list of tags. “Off to Georgia with Dad! Get out and VOTE Georgia!!!” the caption read along with an American flag emoji.

In addition to Meat Loaf, she tagged Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue, which is understandable considering the GOP rally is for them, but her mention of the “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” crooner brought on a lot of wild responses from users that either questioned her or mocked her.

“Why did she tag Meat Loaf?” many users asked while one wrote, “I go out for a walk, I come back and discover that today’s Main Character is now Meat Loaf.” Another asked, “Wait do you think your dad is Meat Loaf?” while a few cheekily wondered if the musician’s name is a nickname she calls her dad.

Although odds are that Ivanka didn’t accidentally tag Meat Loaf, who has appeared on he dad’s show Celebrity Apprentice in 2011, in the post, it’s still unclear what he has to do with the pic and/or the Georgia rally. Some people started speculating that he may be performing at the event, but there’s been no announcement of such a gig and he hasn’t recently supported any politicians in public. Still, a surprise appearance could very well be a possibility, and if that’s the case, then Ivanka certainly let the cat out of the bag early!

Ivanka tagging Meat Loaf isn’t the first move she’s made that caused others to mock her on social media. The Advisor of the President also caused a plethora of responses when she admitted to learning to play guitar during the COVID-19 pandemic and talked about “life’s simple pleasures” during the lockdown in Oct.

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Meat Loaf
Ivanka Trump confused Twitter users when she tagged the singer Meat Loaf in a new pic with her dad Donald on Jan. 4. (AP)

“I took up playing guitar, because my husband was working very late nights,” she explained during a question and answer session about the pandemic and other issues near Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I’d come home, after I’d put the kids to bed and after I went back online and finished my work, I’d be sitting there, and so I taught myself — or am teaching myself — how to play guitar.”

Many thought her comments were unacceptable considering the pandemic’s restrictions have caused a lot of struggles for Americans. “She is so fortunate not to have to worry about paying bills, or finding medical care for her family, or worrying whether it’s safe to ride public transportation to that job that she needs to keep her family afloat. This is so tone deaf,” one Twitter user replied.