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Anderson Cooper’s Hilarious Reactions As He Takes Shots On Live TV Go Viral For All The Right Reasons

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper had quite the evening covering New Year's Eve for CNN! At the top of each hour, the co-hosts took a shot of alcohol and Anderson's reactions were totally priceless!

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Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper
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It wasn’t just Times Square that was lit on New Year’s Eve! During CNN’s coverage of Thursday night’s festivities, co-hosts Anderson Cooper, 53, and Andy Cohen, 52, marked each hour with a shot of alcohol. The night kicked off at 8 pm ET, when the two had their first toast of the night. “Cheers to 2021,” Andy began, clinking his shot glass with Anderson’s.

“I have not had a shot since, I think, the last time we were here,” Anderson confessed to Andy. With that, the two downed their first drink and it was clear that Anderson was still adjusting to the taste, burn, and rush! Anderson let out a few exaggerated coughs before Andy complimented him, saying, “You’re getting better at it!” But this was just the beginning to a very long night.

The second shot of the night came at the top of the next hour — 9 pm ET. “Cheers to you guys. Cheers to a fecal year being over,” Andy said to those watching at home. Anderson couldn’t believe what he’d heard, at first. “Is that a thing? Does one say that?” Anderson inquired. After offering his answer, Andy toasted viewers once more before it was bottoms up! This time, Anderson got a bit of the chills before stomping his foot on the ground after taking the shot.

The start of 10 pm brought along a guest with whom Andy and Anderson could cheers 2020 away — Stephen ColbertThe Late Show host offered his toast to the end of 2020 — “To things I’ll remember to forget” — before the trio took their next shot. After downing the drink, Anderson shook his head wildly and began retching and coughing. The co-hosts surmized that, by this point in the evening, they had done “about five” shots!

At the stroke of 11 pm, neither Andy nor Anderson appeared like they could handle much more. “It’s unfortunately time to take another shot,” Anderson said, begrudgingly. Both Andy and Anderson could hardly stifle their reactions at all, and shook their heads and closed their eyes at the burning sensation running down their throats. The twosome really kept the evening lively on New Year’s Eve with their hilarious commentary and games. Here’s hoping that they began their 2021 with a healthy dose of water after last night’s festivities!