TikTok Star Dana Hasson Reveals How To Get Glowing Skin & A Bright Red Lip In Holiday Beauty Tutorial

TikTok has some of the best beauty trends around & one of the app's OG beauty vloggers, Dana Hasson, gave us a tutorial to create a festive holiday look!

Dana Hasson has been crushing the TikTok game longer than most! Nope, she wasn’t ‘one of those’ who joined at the start of quarantine! The beauty guru has been active on the app, showing off her MUA skills since summer 2019 and now has over 1.7 million followers. On the HollywoodLife Instagram, Dana gave the HL audience an EXCLUSIVE tutorial on achieving a bright red lip and glowing skin for a festive holiday look. The best part is, you probably already have every single product at home!

Starting with a fresh face, Dana applied primer, which helps create an ideal canvas to hold onto whatever makeup comes afterward! “Then, go in with a CC cream or foundation, really anything like for coverage. I’m using the Chanel CC cream, which is probably a step between BB cream and foundation, so more moisture,” she explained. “Take your foundation and put a little on the eyelid, too. I feel like it just brings everything together.”


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Next is concealer, which Dana recommended putting wherever you might get a little redness. “Under the eye a little bit and then in the crevices of my nose because I get red there and a little bit of my chin,” she said as she applied her own. The TikToker blended her foundation and concealer with a brush, but said anyone could opt for a Beauty Blender, as well. The following step is to set your face with a powder, which Dana put under her eyes and “pretty much everywhere I put concealer,” plus “on the forehead since I don’t have concealer on there.”

It’s time to contour with some bronzer to make sure you get that holiday glow! Sucking her cheeks to make a fish-like face, Dana applied the bronzer on the pockets of her cheeks and upward toward her ears, essentially highlighting the cheekbones. “It’s probably not good for wrinkle purposes, but it’s good for bronzer!” she laughed. Add a little rosiness to your cheeks with blush next, for that super feminine touch to this look. “There’s so many techniques, but you can do right above your cheekbones, right in your apples,” Dana advised. “I also like to take it to the forehead a little and bring it it all together.” Highlight your cheekbones, nose and cupids bow with a glistening powder that’s perfect for holiday cheer!

Dana introduced the ‘soap method’ for her brows, which requires zero makeup, but some household items you definitely already have. “I don’t know if you’ve ever done that technique, but I recently saw it on TikTok and was like, ‘I need to try this,’ and it definitely has changed my life,” she explained. “I take a soap bar, preferably a clear, a brow brush and a setting spray.  The basically, you just spray the soap bar a little, go in with a brush, get a lot of soap on it, and just kind of brush it out into your brows. You could shape it however you like, and it’s like $3 on Amazon for two soap bars and lasts all day.”


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Dana then layered three different shades of brown on her lids, starting with a light, then blending with a medium and finishing off with a darker brown. Before adding in your liquid eyeliner, she recommended “going in with eyeshadow first, to draw out my eyeliner before putting the real thing on.” Then, for your eyeliner, start with the wing first and go in to about 1/3 to a 1/2 of your eyelid. Finally, to finish up your eyes, Dana put a nude eyeliner in the water line that absolutely makes your eyes pop! Add top and bottom lid mascara and then you’re ready for the final touch — lips! 

“I like to outline my lips first with the lipstick, itself,” Dana advised, instead of trying to match a lip liner with your bright red lip. Once you fill in your lip, you’re all ready to have a holly, jolly holiday with your glowing look! Watch the video for the full tutorial and be sure to tune in to the HollywoodLife Instagram for more beauty tutorials!

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