Donald Trump Mocked As A ‘Cry Baby’ For Still Not Conceding The Election: ‘Diaper Don’

The hashtag '#crybabytrump' began trending on Twitter on Dec. 9, after Donald Trump joined a lawsuit that is attempting to overturn Joe Biden's wins in the battleground states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Donald Trump
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It has now been a month and two days since Joe Biden won the U.S. presidential election, and Donald Trump has yet to concede the election. On Dec. 9, Trump asked the Supreme Court to let him join the state of Texas’ lawsuit that is attempting to toss out the election results from the battleground states Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which Biden won. On that very same day, the current POTUS also set off on his usual tweet rant about the election results from Nov. 7, this time writing multiple remarks that were disputed by Twitter, like “RIGGED ELECTION” and “There is massive evidence of widespread fraud in the four states (plus) mentioned in the Texas suit. Just look at all of the tapes and affidavits!”

Many Twitter users are seeing this as a downright lack of good “smortsmanship,” leading to the Twitter hashtag — “#crybabytrump” — to start trending after Trump’s latest tweet storm. “All around this nation, elementary, middle school, and high school coaches are teaching our young people about sportsmanship: how to have dignity, lose gracefully and show class—and this president and his party are showing them what the complete opposite looks like. #crybabyTrump,” author John Pavlovitz tweeted, while another Twitter user listed the many presidents who lost a chance at a term in the Oval Office yet accepted their losses.

Gerald Ford lost an election. Accepted it. Jimmy Carter lost an election. Accepted it. George HW Bush lost an election. Accepted it. John McCain lost an election. Accepted it. Al Gore lost an election. Accepted it. Donald Trump lost an election. #CrybabyTrump,” the critic tweeted. Another person pointed out the many media outlets that have reported that all 50 U.S. states and D.C. have certified their election results. “All 50 states have certified the election results. Trump has no safe harbor,” the person tweeted, adding a cartoon of Trump sucking his thumb and holding the electoral map that was turned into a blankie. 

Other Twitter users pointed out that not only Americans are astonished over Trump’s refusal to concede the election. “Have you seen #CryBabyTrump is trending #1 in Canada Germany UK Australia Of course USA,” one such person tweeted. And then there was Meidas University correspondent Emma Silverman, who gave her take on exactly why “#crybabytrump” is trending in a video that is nearing 2,000 “likes” on Twitter — watch above!

While Biden was declared as the winner of the U.S. election by media outlets on Nov. 7, the next president of the U.S. won’t be formally elected until the Electoral College meets on Dec. 14. Trump’s partnership with the Texas lawsuit is just one of the many attempts he has made to block Biden from taking over in the Oval Office, in the wake of many lawsuits filed by Trump’s campaign over the election results. Amid this legal battle, multiple celebrities have already called out Trump before the “crybaby” tweets, such as Ed Norton, who called the POTUS “whiny, sulky, and petulant.”

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